Polar Bear Cafe — First Impression

OMG yes!!! This was awesome!

It’s currently tied for best of the season with Space Brothers. This is how you do a comedy! I was laughing the entire time.

The show has this quiet and subdued feel to it, which makes the humor work all the better. It’s a great but simple concept. Have talking animals that live with humans in the normal world.

So we have giant tortoises applying to be waiters, and pandas asking for bamboo to snack on. To top it all off, the panda gets a job as a panda at the zoo. I haven’t laughed as hard as I did at this episode in ages.

6 thoughts on “Polar Bear Cafe — First Impression

  1. Seconded: The part-time job as Panda was hilarious and the Pandas themselves were just too cute. The whole show was super relaxed. I hope they can keep up with this atmosphere. For now ‘ll follow this for sure!

  2. Best part of this strange little series has to be the opening! Who can pass up transforming rocket car? I WANT ONE! Besides having a cool opening, the voice cast for Panda, Penguin and the Polar bear is the best and the other animals lolol

    Panda’s job made me laugh.

    1. Yeah, the OP was great, I thought the meat of the series was even better though. The voice acting and casting was great.

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