PSYCHO PASS 02 — Akane’s Relative

I’ve figured it out. Gen Urobuchi’s inspiration for writing PSYCHO PASS.

Remember when I was blogging UN-GO, and I was obsessed with the idea that Diet Girl needed her own spin-off anime?

Well, now she has one: PSYCHO PASS. Compare Akane and Diet Girl. Their hairstyle has the same thing going on. They even live in similar dystopian universes. Clearly they must be distant cousins or something. Gen Urobuchi watched Un-Go and, like me, wanted a Diet Girl spinoff.

PSYCHO PASS is not Moe

PSYCHO PASS is not moe.

PSYCHO PASS is not moe.

PSYCHO PASS is not moe.

PSYCHO PASS is not moe.

PSYCHO PASS is not moe.

 Further Thoughts

The Sibyl system ensures that “what needs to be done is done by those capable of doing it.” This brings to mind the Marxists saying, “From each according to their ability, to each according to their need.” The Sibyl system is kind of an amoral version of Marxism: it takes from each according to their ability, but fulfills only the needs of those with abilities, not providing any support to the latent criminals.

Akane can change her house and her clothes at will using holograms. But holograms are just a trick of light, no? So does this mean Akane was walking around naked all day?

19 thoughts on “PSYCHO PASS 02 — Akane’s Relative


    “So does this mean Akane was walking around naked all day?”

    I’ll take that question one step further: Does this mean that everyone is walking around naked all day?

  2. LOL LOL LOL so that’s why Akane’s character design was pretty familiar. I won’t be surprised if Gen Urobuchi does watch Un-Go… nice writers have taste, teehee~

    Oh Psycho-Pass is totally not moe xD

    What if all of them use that hologram thingy to change clothes? That makes all of them “naked” though…. hahahaha!

  3. You have no idea how long I pondered on the hologram-clothes thing. I mean, do the clothes just materialize on her or something? Or is it like The Matrix, where the regular denizens of the world aren’t really seeing reality?

    Psycho Pass is so DEEP.

  4. Agreen on the basic similarity of Diet Girl and Akane but don’t you think it’s somewhat superficial? I mean Diet Girl turned out to be quite smart and whitty whereas Akane is basically a moeblob. Okay that was too harsh but she’s a bit naive not having any clue on how the Sibyl system works. I like her though for her moe-ness and particularly for that pale wide-eyed face of hers which reminds me of young Lucy: .

    1. Akane’s smart too apparently, she aced all the exams! She is certainly naive though… maybe Diet Girl is the older and more jaded version of Akane, who has become disillusioned and resorted to crime

  5. She looks like Haru in Katekyo Hitman Reborn I guess it because Psycho Pass and KHR are made by the same author…

    Does anyone agree…?

    1. Hm, I didn’t realize it, but you’re right, the character design for Psycho Pass was done by the writer of Katekyo Hitman Reborn. I can see a bit of the similarity— Haru’s personality is quite distinct, and she doesn’t have that same, flat style of hair though.

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