PSYCHO PASS is not moe.

PSYCHO PASS is not moe.

This episode introduced the villains. I’m guessing that the man is the main matchmaker, and the female is another one of the people with the motives but not the means (I doubt that she is the one stuffing people with resin).

This idea of the matchmaker is interesting. He kind of complements the whole Sibyl System. The idea of the system and the Psycho Pass is that those who have the desire to commit crimes, will commit crimes. He makes this assumption into a reality. I have to wonder if he may actually be working for the system, to justify the system’s continued existence.

This idea isn’t actually science fiction. The FBI does it too. It’s called entrapment. An undercover FBI agent encourages people to commit a crime, and provides them the means to do it. They blow up a bomb, then the FBI swoops in and arrests them. Thank God we have the FBI to protect us from the terrorists! Remember that guy who tried to blow up the Federal Reserve of New York last month? Same thing.

At least the FBI’s bombs are duds.

9 thoughts on “PSYCHO PASS 06 — PSYCHO PASS is not Moe

  1. Can’t tell if displeased with Psycho-Pass plot…
    or making political statement.

    Also, glad to see I’m not the only one confused when others claim Akane is “moe”.

    1. Neither, really. Just pointing out the similarities. I actually like the plot with how it parallels things that are happening in our own world.

      And Akane is totally moe!

  2. Who does the system actually benefit? If the matchmaker is being employed to provide a justification for the system, who is the mastermind? I guess all these security systems must be being built by someone who is probably profiting from it quite a bit. That would clearly parallel our own military-industrial complex.

    Isn’t entrapment usually viewed as bad thing in our justice system? I don’t see anything wrong with a law enforcement officer pretending to buy drugs, but I think most extensive cases of entrapment usually end up as mistrials or not guilty verdicts. The fact of the matter is you shouldn’t commit a crime just because it looks like you can get away with it.

    But if you think the FBI is bad, you don’t want to know what the CIA does. At least the FBI convinces a criminal to commit the crime. The CIA cuts out the middleman and commits the crime themselves. Have you ever heard of Operation Northwoods?

    1. Good point. This world could very well be the result of a military-industrial complex run amok. It’s probably like Un-Go where the CEO of the Sibyl system basically rules the world.

      Entrapment is viewed as a bad thing, but they seem to do it anyways. You can convict people based on it too. I mean, they definitely did something wrong, but it seems kind of weird that the government actively helps them to commit crimes so they can arrest them later.

      And yeah, the CIA is way worse. No comparison there…

  3. I really do think the creators behind Psycho-Pass don’tt understand the basic notion of moe. They claim their show has no moe and point at the excessive gory scenes in the show. I have two problems with this assumption:

    1. The gory scenes are excessive on purpose and it shows. Psycho-Pass doesn’t shock me as much as Elfen Lied or Madoka because unlike them it tries too hard.

    2. Moe and gore go together quite nicely. Akane has droopy eyelids and droopy eyelids in anime are moe. Does that take away from the gore? Not really. Will it prevent Psycho-Pass from being a “serious series”? (I don’t consider it one just yet). No it won’t. It blends with the other things seamlesly. It’s not “in your face” moe.

    1. 1. Agreed, the gore is excessive to the point of silliness. And
      2. gore does not mean a lack of moe. Just look at Higurashi, that was some of the most moe stuff ever. For people who claim not to have any moe, their show has some of the best moe this season.

  4. Excellent thoughts about the matchmaker’s role, Draggle!

    If was surprised when they introduced a girls school in this series. Until this episode it looked like one of the rare shows where no schoolgirls are involved. I don’t mind at all, though, in particular as the school here has this eerie claustrophobic catholic girls school atmosphere like in Marimite.

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