PSYCHO PASS 2 04 — Bloodbath


Holy shit. That certainly escalated quickly. Amazing episode.

What allowed this tragedy to happen? Again, it boils down to the fact that the society portrayed in Psycho Pass has delegated their  own judgement to a system.


The enforcers see a criminal with their own eyes, yet they are powerless to stop the crime because the system they’ve handed off their decision making ability to disagrees.


Instead, the system tells them to kill the victims, and they blindly do so.


The police don’t even bother to figure out who they’re shooting.


If the victims worked together, they could have easily stopped the criminal before anything went wrong. But they didn’t, because they have been conditioned not to make such judgments, even regarding themselves, but to simply trust in the system. In fact, the system directly punishes those who make ethical judgments on their own initiative. The inspector stops the person from ending the crime, because it would cloud his own Psycho-Pass, leading him to be judged by the system.


They’ve been conditioned to view inaction and dependence on the system as the highest virtues.


When confronted, they say, “I’m just following orders.” As if that’s an excuse.


What’s worse, the people of this country have not only handed off their moral judgement to an automated system, they’ve entirely discarded their prophetic judgement which would condemn the system itself. It’s gotten to such a point that they can watch a massacre of innocents and say, “Looks like it went extremely well.”


The entire society is under a massive delusion, that no one is aware of but the system they worship.

Psycho Pass is exaggerated to make a point, but how different is it from our own world? Our Nobel peace-prize winning president continues to bomb innocents with drones all the time and call it a success. Many people proudly refuse to exercise their own prophetic judgement, refusing to make a choice and praising themselves for being “sane” and “bipartisan” while unable to realize they’re willfully drowning themselves in ignorance and apathy while looking down on others from above.

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