Red Data Girl — First Impressions

PA Works must have heard all my complaints after Tari Tari that they needed to try something new.


So they remade Hanasaku Iroha for the third time as an otome game. Not exactly what I had in mind.


At least the first haremette is an asshole, which makes things interesting. But I feel this will run the same course as all of PA Works’ recent stories. This guy is basically the Minchi and Wakana equivalent. He’ll be an ass for the first few episodes and then they’ll become best friends. After that we’re in line for either a regression back to ass mode or a promotion directly to godhood, as in Wakana’s case. So although I like their relationship at the moment, I have low expectations in the long run. Eventually she’s going to add everybody to her harem.


There are also some sci-fi elements, but this seems rather half-assed, at least at the moment. Just weird stuff happens when she interacts with electronics. Then they threw in some Shinto mumbo-jumbo and called it a day. For now, the sci-fi elements just seem like  minor details.

And is it just me, or did they totally plagiarize Humanity has Declined’s ED?

8 thoughts on “Red Data Girl — First Impressions

  1. “And is it just me, or did they totally plagiarize Humanity has Declined’s ED?”
    It’s sung by the same woman, so you can’t really call it plagerization, just unoriginal.

    Eh… I wasn’t to impressed, but hey it’s PA Works. Beautiful animation, I’d watch them even if their stories were crap.

    1. Ah, no wonder it sounds the same. The animation had the same idea as well, with the girl walking and them showing different backgrounds. They could have at least come up with some different visuals (and at least in Humanity has Declined the backgrounds were clever with how it went through human history).

      Yeah, it is pretty though. I’ll watch it too. Probably won’t blog it though, as I already did Hanasaku Iroha and Tari Tari. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times…. can’t be fooled again.

      1. i wouldn’t write this series off just yet; supposedly its based off an award-winning novel so im sure we are in for some good story-telling. As far as first episodes go, I think it did a fairly good job setting up its main characters. its not anything compelling as of yet, but im sure given a couple episodes, the show will play us its good hand and delve into some dark stuff.

        1. I hope you’re right. Novels do tend to have better stories. My biggest worry is that PA Works will pigeonhole the novel, whatever its contents, into the Hanasaku Iroha format. I hope they prove me wrong.

  2. I’m missing Minchi! This series sorely lacks girls and yuri. It won’t be a second HanaIro.

    Apart from that, though, I quite liked it. The characters’ proportions and movements are much, much better made than in Tari Tari or Another. The backgrounds are lovely, in particular that shrine in the forest. The atmosphere was well done, also (this applies mostly to ep. 2, w/ Izumiko being afraid). And although I’m not really into reverse harems I must admit that Miyuki practicing archery looks cool!

    1. After the second episode I can safely say it doesn’t look it will turn into another Hanairo (thank goodness). I really enjoyed all the Buddhist elements in the second episode. I still need to catch up on the rest.

      As you say the atmosphere is great. The only things I’m not sold on are the electronics thing and the reverse harem as well.

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