Sakamichi no Apollon 07 — Love is in the Air

Sorry Ritsuko. I think you may be destined to be forever alone.

At least if these two princes keep playing jazz to distract themselves from fighting each other.

They even ran out together and eloped, right in the middle of the ceremony! Scandalous!

The Kiss

For those who aren’t aware, Chet Baker was a jazz trumpeter and singer, which is of course why Sentarou was upset that Yurika was looking at that record. (Also, with John Coltrane‘s death, we can date this part of the series to July 17, 1967.)

Sentarou takes a page out of Kaoru’s playbook. So aggressive!

The animation of the kiss itself was superb. You’ll note that Sentarou actually stops before kissing her, even before the noise from downstairs interrupts. It doesn’t seem like he was going to go through with it without her (implied) consent. But then Yurika herself moves in to kiss, only to be interrupted by Jun downstairs.

I think that’s why she tells Kaoru it’s her fault. It’s unclear whether the one she feels she betrayed is Sentarou or Jun, but it could just as well apply to either.

Jun is not very sensitive here, to say the least.

I can’t really blame Sentarou.

7 thoughts on “Sakamichi no Apollon 07 — Love is in the Air

  1. “They even ran out together and eloped, right in the middle of the ceremony! Scandalous!” – my thoughts exactly! It really makes wanna see a shounen-ai ending. Even if we don’t get one, which is more or less predictable, it’s nice seeing a bromance. Male friendship is rarely highlighted.

    I was stunned by the performance and the crowd gathering. Those scenes made my heart overflow

    1. Really? I thought the crowd gathering was kind of cheesy. How do they all get there so quickly, spreading the word and arriving in the middle of a single song? Also, I find it hard to believe that high schoolers have good musical taste and prefer jazz to the crappy pop stuff they were playing before.

  2. My hopes were fulfilled – Sentarou decided to stick w/ jazz! And I wouldn’t call what the boy band played “a different tradition of jazz”. The two performances were leagues apart. I was touched by the scene when everyone at the school alerted each other and came to listen to Kaoru and Sentarou.

    Yuriko looks classy in her school uniform (your third picture from below).

    I wonder about the preferences of the girls in Kaoru’s school: I think by Western standards Sentarou would be fairly attractive as he is large and has a decently built body. But in his school he seems to be rather an outcast. I tought Kauro would be one as well but it turns out the girls in his class simply did not dare approach him and now he’s becoming super popular. Finally, I wonder why the rock band singer is so popular w/ the girls (at least when he’s performing).

    1. Oh, when I said he fit a different tradition of jazz last week, I didn’t mean the boy band, I just meant that Sentarou didn’t have the “cool” air that Kaoru and Jun have. His image fits with a more earthy and passionate type of jazz rather than the suave style that fits the other two.

      I think his position as an outcast is mainly due to his reputation as a bully who gets in a lot of fights rather than his looks. Although the two probably aren’t independent, I’m sure part of his reputation is due to his intimidating stature.

      I’m surprised that Kaoru is becoming popular with the girls as well. He looks like a nerd. I don’t get the rock band either— their costumes are hilariously corny. But I guess it was the 60s…?

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