Tsuritama 07 — Changing Hearts and Minds

What happened to Haru? At first I thought he was still brainwashed by the sea monster(?) from the last episode. He would have never called fishing (or anything) lame before. I also thought his voice sounded a bit different, although that was probably my imagination because I was overthinking it.

I did eventually come to the conclusion that Haru was in control of his own body once Yuki  convinced him to go fishing, with his grandmother’s indirect help. I guess that whatever happened in the ocean that day simply scared him very, very badly.

His excuse for not going fishing was hilariously bad though. This isn’t fooling anyone. Haru was definitely broken.

The Fight

Ahahaha teenage drama. Natsuki is mad at his dad for not telling him anything and not acting like a close-knit family? For this entire series, Natsuki is the one who’s been shunning his father while his father tried to get closer to him!

This is the “Natsuki is a jerk” episode. Slapping your sister after she almost falls off the boat in an accident? It’s so bad that even Yuki tells Natsuki to go apologize.

Now that Sakura has gone missing, Natsuki will probably rescue her in the next episode and they’ll have an emotional reconciliation.

Further Thoughts

So it seems at the moment that a sea monster is making people disappear in the Bermuda triangle with the power of dance. You can’t accuse Tsuritama of lacking originality.

This shot pretty much sums up how I’m feeling at the moment.

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