Samurai Flamenco 02 — An Intense, High Speed Chase (While Obeying Traffic Laws)


I think the scene above is the exact moment Samurai Flamenco won me over. This intense chase montage is going down— he’s going to be a hero and recover the umbrella— oh wait! Better brake! Have to wait for the traffic light to change colors.

That pretty much captures this show’s charm. He wants to be a superhero, but once you’re an adult you discover that the world doesn’t need superheros. So the way he achieves his dream is by yelling at old ladies taking their trash out too early.


The change in this episode that makes me the most enthusiastic, however, is the addition of numerous additional characters. The manager is crazy. The guy trying to hit on her is even crazier. And then one of these idol girls also appears to have an interest in heroes.


Similar to the traffic scene, the scene where our hero delivers the suitcase was very well done. This guy really does suck at acting. And the only way he manages to do this simple task without falling apart is to sing superhero songs in his head. The lyrics here remind me of many of the DMC gags.

I was originally planning to blog Galilei Donna. And I do still like Galilei Donna more than this show. But it’s mainly an action show so I wouldn’t have much to talk about. Plus, I’m already covering Kill la Kill. So Samurai Flamenco it is.

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