Samurai Flamenco 07 — No More Monkeying Around

Everyone was freaking out over this episode so I decided to watch it earlier than I usually do to avoid the inevitable spoilers. It turns out the excitement was not for the reasons I expected. It’s not a “WTF this is awesome,” or a “WTF this is retarded” episode, it’s more along the lines of “WTF, whose ass did they pull this out of?”

The gist of the episode’s twist is, a criminal takes some drugs and transforms into GUILLOTINE GORILLA, a gorilla with a guillotine in his chest. Now anyone whose seen the rest of this show know that given the show’s setting, this development makes no sense whatsoever. Until this point, the show has been down to earth and realistic. So why a magical gorilla with a guillotine all of the sudden?


I suspect that this development will end up requiring no suspension of disbelief, although I’m not sure how.


In fact, I’m pretty sure this guy’s behind it.There isn’t any excitement, so he decides to create some. At least that’s how I’m reading this episode, although I could be wrong. It seems more reasonable than the alternative assumption, that there exist drugs in the world of the show which can transform humans into gorillas with guillotines in their stomachs.

I still have no idea how this guy managed to produce drugs that transform people into gorillas with guillotines embedded in their chest and make Dr. Torture float in midair. If it is a scheme by this kind, those are some pretty impressive special effects. Or it was all a dream or Goto and Samurai Flamenco got high on all the drugs they busted. Perhaps after the ending credits of of the final episode it will be revealed that the entire show was about a drug trip a la the Yellow Submarine movie. I wouldn’t mind that. Anime creators should get high more often.

Further Thoughts


This guy is awesome. I’m getting the impression that his project may not be company approved. Also I find it amusing how more random people keep hanging out with Samurai Flamenco and Goto.


The police even like Samurai Flamenco now and want to use him as a mascot. Oh, the potential…


For once, a show where the main character isn’t tied down by some silly notion of revenge. I like how they make fun of this idea here. Why should the murder of the parents you don’t even remember upset you more than the murder of anyone else?

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