Valvrave the Liberator 19 — Eru-Erufu is Awesome, Valvrave is Great


What he said. He might be a crazy psycho killer, but when he’s right, he’s right.


As if last week’s rescue of the princess from the top of the tallest tower, fighting assault helicopters with a pistol, wasn’t enough, this week Eru-Erufu battles against more aircraft on his motorcycle, dodging lasers and shrapnel and at one point swimming down a river underwater. Yeah, he’s awesome.


Before that, he even confessed his love once again.


Haruto even helps to cockblock himself. That’s how much he cares for Eru-Erufu.


But for the second time Eru-Erufu’s girlfriend loses her memories in a fierce struggle to save his life. It’s not Eru-Erufu’s fault he’s so popular.

Clearly, the repetition of these tragic events for the second time in a row (combined with the absence of Shouko) lead us to only one conclusion: the universe itself is shipping Eru-Erufu with Haruto. It’s fate. Deeessssttinnny!

Oh, and it seems like they forgot Saki on Earth. Well, she should have fun together with A-Drei.

24 thoughts on “Valvrave the Liberator 19 — Eru-Erufu is Awesome, Valvrave is Great

  1. This show reminds me so much of another Sunrise show: Code Geass. So nonsensical and ridiculously bad but so entertaining at the same time. A perfect anime for the masses who just want cool eye candy without having to think too much.

    1. Both shows are crazy, but they’re not truly “nonsensical” since for all the unrealistic events, there are still internally valid explanations for many of them.

      Which makes your statement on their “badness” also a bit questionable, especially in the case of Code Geass for that matter, unless only completely sophisticated and mature anime can be called “good” in your book.

      1. Against my better judgment, I’m responding to you. You seem to be offended that I even suggest Code Geass is bad. It’s my opinion, and it will never change. Just as your love for the show will probably never change.

        In the end, there are way too many flaws for me to consider it a good show, namely: poor pacing, poor writing, questionable character choices and motivation, unnecessary and underdeveloped characters, and contrived plot twists merely for shock value. This post ( is great and goes over many (but not all) problems I had with the show.

        I don’t see why people get offended when I say it’s entertaining but not good. I mean, most comic book movies like The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel, etc. are all entertaining and would definitely recommend to people. But I don’t consider any of them good.

        Lastly, an anime does not have to be “sophisticated” and “mature” to be good in my book. I consider comedies like Seto no Hanayome, Love HIna, Welcome to the NHK, and Genshiken to be good, none of which are “sophisticated” and “mature.”

        1. What do you know, it turns out you answered my post and I didn’t notice!

          Actually, that blog rant you’ve linked to is both highly subjective and more or less inaccurate. Neither all of the pacing nor all of the writing are bad. Both have their ups and down. I’d argue the character motivations are more consistent than that blogger claims, not all side characters needed to be developed in the first place, and the plot twists aren’t necessarily only for shock value. But that’s also not a bad thing either, per se, when one of the primary aims of the production is entertainment value.

          Which means I disagree with both you and that blogger. 😛

  2. Huh did my comment not go through? Well anyways…

    This show reminds me so much of another Sunrise show: Code Geass. So nonsensical and ridiculously bad but so entertaining. Perfect for the brain dead masses.

    1. You don’t need to be “brain-dead” to just sit back and relax. And like I said above, I’d question what your definition of “bad” is.

  3. So the bad guys in this anime are Space Catholic Nazi Communist Vampire Aliens from Space. Valvrave, always taking it to the next level.

    Saki and A-drei should adopt the body-jacked kid and start a family together. And if the new ending’s anything to go by, L-Elf can hook up with anyone while also cheating on them with the alien space princess’s soul or whatever. Maybe Marie’s spirit will show up to and add to L-Elf’s spiritual harem.

    1. Space Catholic Nazi Communist Vampire Aliens from Space. Exactly. You understand.

      I’m hoping that the princess will become a Valvrave and then cheat on Eru-Erufu with Haruto.

  4. Poor Saki, all she wanted to do was be popular but looks like everyone’s forgotten about her. Gotta find new people to pay attention to her now. Haruto also manned up this episode, by going back to save his soul mate L-Elf.

    1. Everyone except A-Drei. But yeah, they totally seem to have forgotten all about her. I guess Haruto has become more comfortable with Eru-Erufu now so he doesn’t need her.

  5. I prefer to enjoy that naive Shoko to Succumb into absolute despair after learning every last detail of the shocking truth. I would see the face of the naive whore attempting to commit suicide.

      1. not just shouko from Valvrave, but I also hate anyone who associates that sin known as naivety. And if you don’t believe me, watch the next episode and see my prediction comes to pass.

      1. did you see the next episode? Near the ending. I was right all along. Naivety is a sin now and forever. Shoko didn’t realize what was going on until the yelling begins to throw at Module 77 starting with the naive prime minister.

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