Sekai Seifuku 07 — The Monster of Conquest


We all have a monstrous desire for conquest inside us… or something…

This show continues to be inoffensively amusing week after week. But since the smoking episode, I haven’t felt that it’s anything special. It’s not a satire anymore, just comedy stemming from people being idiots. Which is also entertaining in its own way, but not particularly clever or original. Case in point, one of the best moments from this week:





So true. Every character in this show is an idiot. Still can’t believe the Justice League thinks nothing of a little girl and a robot attending high school. You’d think those would be the first suspects. But no, they’re idiots too. Which is amusing, but you can only get so far with jokes based on idiocy. Plus, it’s benign idiocy, not anything spectacularly idiotic like Milky Holmes, etc.


Kate’s reaction faces were pretty good this episode.


And Renge and Kate combined are Asuta’s worst nightmare.

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