Shin Sekai Yori 16 — Searching for Maria

Not much happened this episode— Maria read her letter to Saki as they relived their childhood, then Saki and Satoru wandered around searching for her and Mamoru. But it was still a powerful episode.

Maria’s letter elegantly explained their reasons for leaving. I didn’t like the insert song— it seemed out of place and a needless interruption. I still think Maria’s wrong that Mamoru is the weakest and can’t live on his own. He is the one who left town by himself so that he could survive.


The search portion of the episode was beautiful. Especially the sunset scene. The animators do some wacky stuff, like that episode which focused on everyone’s crotches, but they really do know how to make things look pretty when they try.


Same with the dream sequence. It looked positively psychedelic. Reminded me of that yellow submarine movie if the submarine visited hell. Is it just me or did the guy with the long hair look sort of like Shuu?


Saki and Satoru also decide that they’ll leave the village if the Board of Education tries to brainwash them again. Based on the fact that the next episode has a twelve year timeskip I don’t think this promise will amount to much.

7 thoughts on “Shin Sekai Yori 16 — Searching for Maria

  1. Ummm.. Maybe they shouldn’t really help Maria. Back in episode 2, Saki said that she thought that if Maria was not born, many lives might have been spared. What do you think????

  2. Yup, that guy in her dream was definitely Shun. Maybe it was her subconscious, or just some leftover cantus from him that reached her.
    I agree with the OP. It was totally unnecessary and just ruined the mood, although the flashbacks during it were great.
    I think that they agreed to leave the village just to make each other feel better, while themselves knowing that they’ll probably never do it. After all, Satoru’s Grandma did say that no good would come out of it.
    But still, I believe that Maria and Mamoru won’t be gone forever, otherwise there would be no point to Saki’s comment that something horrible will happen because of Maria.
    Also, am I the only one who feels like the only reason SxS got together was because they were the only ones left?

    1. Well, I think that even if Maria would have stayed Saki still would have ended up with Satoru.

      I mean it was pretty obvious Maria never stood a chance. I don’t think Saki sees her as more than just a friend.

      And in the end Maria also choose to be with someone else, Mamoru.

      1. Yeah, Saki’s relationship with Maria seemed more just revenge on Shun for going out with Satoru. Although she did appear to enjoy making out with Maria.

    2. Those two are going to get together now? Gosh, Saki’s been with everyone except Mamoru. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s because they’re the only ones left.

      I doubt they expected to actually leave the village either. But who knows… I expect to see those two come back as well. Hopefully leading an army of Queerats and other monsters to conquer the village. šŸ™‚

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