Spring 2017 Seasonal Preview

Click for the full version. As usual, no effort whatsover went into this.

  • Boku no Hero Academia, Shingeki no Kyojin (!), Berserk, Uchouten Kazoku (!), Shingeki no Bahamut (!), and Natsume Yuujinchou are all getting sequels. So it should be a pretty decent season just from the sequels.
  • I read the Tsugumomo manga, I think, and vaguely remember it being a pretty decent harem thing.
  • Sakura Quest looks like PA Works is back to their old tricks again. But it’s labeled a comedy, so maybe it won’t be the same thing they always do with the cute girls working hard and making friends and shit?
  • Clockwork Planet sounds cool, until I got to the part about a female android crash-landing in a boy’s home. Oh well.
  • Kabukibu! sounds interesting, but it looks like it’ll end up a standard forming a school club show (that happens to be cashing in off Rakugo anime).
  • Just look at that chart and read the descriptions for Sekai Suru Kado and Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu… I’m sure the shows are terrible, but what’s even more sad is that this was the best advertising blurb they could come up with. It’s amazing how bad these make the shows sound. (I really hope this is just a bad translation.)
  • The Danmachi Spinoff should be good. I’m reading the manga and I quite like it. Much better than the original.
  • Atom: The Beginning could be good. Hard to say for sure.
  • Renai Boukun involves a yandere, I’m sold.
  • Oushitsu Kyoushu Haine looks interesting. Not sure how it will work as a comedy though.

What do you all think? Seems like a decent season, even if there isn’t any one show I’m especially excited about.

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