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Fall 2015 Anime Seasonal Preview

I wrote a season preview a couple months ago but forgot to publish it. Now you can all laugh at how wrong I was about everything.

As always, a lot of research went into this.

Fall 2015 Preview

I’m excited about the new Gundam and Garo. I’m mildly enthusiastic about Yuruyuri and Owari no Searaph season two. And Concrete Revolutio sounds promising. Otherwise it looks like a pretty disappointing season.

There’s a number of fantasy shows though. At first glance they all look pretty dumb, but hopefully at least one will deliver?

But, as usual, who can tell? I’m assuming that some shows will end up betraying expectations and turn out pretty good like usual.

Spring 2015 Anime Season Preview

As always, I did no research whatsoever. Click to view.


This season looks amazing. There’s already a number of shows I know are going to be awesome and even more that have the potential to be so.

  • High School DxD: omg omg can’t wait!
  • Sidonia: also going to be awesome!
  • Fate Stay Night, Grisaia, and Yahari Ore are also getting sequels. ¬†I’m looking forward to Yahari. Fate Stay Night will hopefully be less boring than the last season… Grisaia… will hopefully continue being Grisaia levels of stupid.
  • Denpa Kyoushi is being animated! I enjoy this manga quite a bit. Who knows if it will translate well to anime though. I’m still scarred from what happened to Medaka Box.
  • Shokugeki no Soma is also a good manga, although I’ve fallen way behind on it. Should be entertaining.
  • Nagati Yuko is also getting her own anime! I loved the movie about her, although I wasn’t a big fan of the original Haruhi series. Let’s hope this is more in line with the movie.
  • Hibike Euphonium! should be good, if only because I’m a brass player. Let’s hope they hold their trombones correctly.
  • Also looks like there’s a good selection of other fantasy shows, vampire shows, sci-fi shows, and action shows.

I’ll be shocked if there aren’t shows I haven’t mentioned that turn out great as well. Really looking forward to this next season.

Fall 2014 Anime Preview

As always, I did no research whatsoever. Click to see the full version.

I read some advice about how to write a good season preview, which was all completely wrong, so I had to get this post out as a demonstration. “Step 5: Actually Write the Post” was particularly¬†terrible advice.


Some highlights:

  • Some awesome sequels next season. Psycho Pass, Log Horizon, and Chaika. I’m especially excited for more Chaika!
  • A new Fate / Stay Night?!! Retelling both the TV series and the movie! From Rin’s perspective, too, which should give them plenty of creative license to deviate from the visual novel. I’m still pissed that they haven’t animated Heaven’s Feel, but this is pretty good too. The first TV show sucked so this one pretty much has to be better than the original. Although the Unlimited Blade Works movie was pretty good.
  • Terra Formars was supposed to be good so I checked out the manga. I wasn’t too impressed. Basically a lot of people die after fighting giant cockroach men using insect powers. I can’t figure out what all the hype was about…
  • A new slapstick show by KyoAni, Amagi Brilliant Park. Hopefully it can approach the genius of Nichijou.
  • We also have various mecha and fantasy shows which I’m looking forward to. And a TV series from Studio Ghibli and a new Gundam show from Tomino.

A lot to look forward to next season!