Star Driver 22

Star Driver’s build up is starting to pay off in droves and we’re on track for a fantastic finale. School plays do not exactly have the best track record for transferring well to anime episodes, but the way they did it here really worked as a microcosm of the entire show and a retelling of Sakana-chan’s version. The creators’ approach reminded me of the school play from Gunparade March, which also was one of the better episodes of that show.

This episode was chock-full of revelations, but also a proportional amount of new questions. As I speculated last week, one of the last characters to be developed  is the drama club president, Sarina Endo. And she or the vice president or both appear to be aliens who watch over the Cybodies. I wonder if the vice president is a cousin of our other furry little alien friend (that was the happiest picture I had of him).

The big question remaining seems to be what is the role of the maidens in all of this. With Keito being caught in her naked nighttime excursions, it appears that we should be getting some answers regarding this shortly. The fact that Wako and Sugata are in the same club as the President, and Sakana-chan told the same story to Head indicates that they know something about what’s going on. Are the maidens also aliens, or collaborators? Wako’s ephemeral role in the play seems to suggest that they may be, but the president’s statement in the play about not using magic would seem to distance the maidens from herself.

The actual story was great and all, but this episode was completely stolen by Sugata’s maid. Apparently her name is Tiger Sugatame (the other one is Jaguar Yamasugata, and yes, I had to look this up). Very creative on the last names there…. Some phenomenal voice acting, as well as an actual good and interesting use of fanservice.

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