Onii-chan no Koto 09

At this point, I’m just continuing to lose interest in this show every week. It began ok, but it’s just become bogged down in using the same jokes over and over again with little to no variance. This week saw the addition of a competition in pervertedness between Nao and Iroha, which was even more painful to watch than the jokes they keep retelling.

As usual, the highlights were the ten second cameo by Nao’s friends and the AGE’s activities. I will admit though, this episode was better than much of the long stretch where Nao and Iroha were getting along for no apparent reason.

Also, I’m completely confused about Kondou. I thought she was going abroad for a while, but she’s back already? Her brief scene at the end was one of the best parts (relatively speaking), but that’s probably only her nipple fetish is their latest joke, only introduced one episode ago. I’m sure that in an episode or two I will be tired of it already.

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