Sword Art Online 06 — The Only Mystery Here is Ignorance

Let me get this straight: the guild members investigating the murders have no problems coming up with a crazy, ridiculous scheme to fake their own deaths. They execute it flawlessly. But who would inherit the legendary item never even occurred to them?!!!

This episode’s mystery fails because the only way there is any mystery at all is because the viewers are kept in the dark about the basic mechanics of marriage in SAO. Isn’t the guy who gets the legendary item the first person anyone would be suspicious of? We were told that Grimrock and the murder victim were married. Did none of the characters realize from this that Grimrock would inherit the ring? Did no one wonder why the PK guild attacked them in the middle of nowhere on a lower level? (And if Kirito wasn’t suspicious of Grimrock, how did he know the PK guild would come?)

When Grimrock tells why he murdered the girl (because he loved her and then she changed), Asuna states the obvious, that was just the feeling of possession.

This statement of the obvious brings Grimrock to his knees in repentance. Hahaha what? Come on, you had the conviction to murder your wife and your spirit is broken this easily? What a horrible villain. His “villainous” costume doesn’t help either.

After that, the remaining guild members walk off as friends. They’re not the types to let a little murder get in the way of friendship!

Next Kirito and Asuna talk about adding each other as friends. Um, they hadn’t already? Asuna added that random girl who got murdered (speaking of which: how did they not think to check that she was actually dead?), how has she not added Kirito? Given how much time they spend together, how are they not friends?

One final thought: I find it revealing how Asuna thinks marriage is romantic and “means something” only because of shared bank accounts.

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  1. This statement of the obvious brings Grimrock to his knees in repentance. Hahaha what? Come on, you had the conviction to murder your wife and your spirit is broken this easily?

    Hahaha, I thought the same thing too.

    Overall this arc just seemed pretty lame and they probably could’ve skipped it. My guess is that they, for some reason, wanted to get the whole sleep-PK and marriage system lingo into play. Oh, and probably the PK guild, so they can follow that up. But really, they could’ve handled that pretty easily in another way.

    1. I think they could have skipped most of the past five episodes. I’m not really getting much of anything out of this.

      1. Eh, maybe I’m just easier to please, but I liked most of the previous episodes. Episode 3, which I thought I’d hate once I realized what was going to happen, still managed to sway me.

        I think it really helps that Kirito is a great main character. While I agree that Silica’s story wasn’t really all that necessary, it was still fun to watch, especially to see how OP Kirito was.

        1. I’m in agreement with you here, episode three was surprisingly investing despite how rushed it was. For me at least this mostly stemmed from the lingering horror of how a death in the game equates to death in the real world. These last few episodes didn’t have much of that gravity to them at all, particularly since very few people are actually dying. Maybe this will get really engaging when we hit the main arc, but right now it’s getting fairly boring.

          1. Silica’s story was definitely the strongest so far, I agree with both of you there.

            If anything, this episode may have cheapened death in the game, by having all these people fake their own deaths. Even worse, these people just go and forgive their friend’s murderer with little difficulty.

  2. Fantastic job at pointing out all the problems this episode had! As there clearly were many!

    I couldn’t help but laugh at the Grimrock falling to his knees. It was just too over-the-top!

    I would think Kirino and Asuna didn’t add each other as friends because in the case of Kirino, he had zero friends so it’s not like he’d probably bother to ask someone now. And Asuna…well maybe she was waiting for the right time to ask, or maybe knowing Kirito’s reputation was at first hesitant and after they hung out even more, felt she could then ask him. Random speculation…

    1. Grimrock falling to his knees was ridiculous. Come on, how is he swayed so easily after he murdered someone?

      It seems to me like Kirino has made a bunch of friends so far. There was that loli, his old guildmates who died, his friend in the other guild (forget his name). I can see Asuna being embarrassed to ask though.

  3. Seconded, the plot was laughable and full of holes.

    I still take some enjoyment out of this show as it introduces many (for me as someone w/ zero MMO experience) new and interesting concepts and social mechanics. I’ve been wondering before how MMO creators manage to basically create a working society adapted to the mechanics of an MMO world. These places must be a paradise for researchers in behavioural science!

    I wonder, though, how the creators are going to fill the remaining 19 (!) episodes as Kirito and Asuna get along well and could just continue to live happily ever after. Why do series like this or Accel World get 2 cours to fill while so many others are just brutally cut at some point to fit into 11 eps?!

    1. These places must be a paradise for researchers in behavioural science!

      Haha, they are! I have a friend who’s doing robotics research using them too.

      I don’t get why this and Accel World get two seasons either, it makes no sense. I guess they’re popular though. Despite how much I complain about SAO, I do like it better than Accel World though. Can’t stand any of the characters in that show. Here Kirito is a bit annoying, but nothing compared to any of the people in Accel World.

      1. Honestly speaking, I’m only interested in the female characters of Accel World and what they wear. Fanservice in Accel World used to be quite to my taste whereas it is almost nonexistent in SAO. There has been way too much fighting and drama in Accel World recently so I had to downgrade it on my MAL. I hope they return to some more fanservice in the later episodes…

        1. Well, they have had some fanservice, like all the random ass shots. It wasn’t very effective though, more just out of place. Plus the main episode which did have fanservice was the one with the little girl.

  4. @draggle actully the girl in the next episode will be big part of the main plot and with asuna and kirito so that last side story will be importend

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