Sword Art Online Hollow Realization 08 — Get Some Tea Ceremony Going

This is part 48 of my SAO summary / fanfiction, and you can start from the beginning here.

Kirito couldn’t figure out what to do next with Premiere’s quest. So the only thing left to do was cheat beat the game by finding an admin console and using his daughter’s access credentials, which carried across to all video games. Because mental health is important, and the only way to keep everyone from killing themselves is with highly sexualized lolis.

“Look, I have found room hidden back there.” pointed out Premiere excitedly.

Kirito searched the small room for over an hour. “Wait… look at that glowing keyboard shaped rock… could it be?!!!”

“Those devs, trying to trick us into thinking it’s your everyday, run-of-the-mill cairn! The console’s hidden inside!”

Yui logged into the console and looked up Premiere’s quest info. “Hmm… if we complete Premiere’s quest, it looks like it will destroy the world. It will be unrecoverable, since in the future backing up data is impossible. ”

“Lemme get this straight, if we keep on the quest, we create Aincrad somehow and then the whole world gets exploded!?”


“We can’t let this happen!” said Kirito.  “If we complete this quest, no one will ever play VR video games ever again. Because nothing has gone wrong with VR ever before. Nothing as serious as NPCs dying…”

“Don’t worry, Kirito, we’ll stop it,” said Asuna. “I want to keep playing video games with all my friends!”

“We’ll live full lives. Crazy, wild, brilliant lives. Always young and excitable, like high school girls forever!”

Klein cried. “I live in my life, you don’t need to remind me how much it sucks! Haha!”

“Don’t worry, Klein, we won’t let video games come to an end!” exclaimed Kirito. “We will find a way to get the good ending to Premiere’s quest!”

“Yeah, I bet your right,” said Philia. “Until then I need something to fill that sword-shaped hole in my heart. Let’s eat and drink merrily!”

I’ll invite her to the inn. That seems like the best place to talk. And fill the sword-shaped hole in her heart with my sword, thought Kirito. “Why don’t we go to the inn, Philia? I’ll sevrve you some tea.”

“That… is a really idea!” interjected Strea. “But not mine! What do you think of Sado? That’s right, get some tea ceremony going!”

Everyone went to Kirito’s room in the inn to get some tea ceremony going.

“It is really hot here…” said Sinon.

“So take off all your clothes!” suggested Kirito, as the man in black transformed into only a man.

“Ugh… I need to take off my armor. I’m dying in here,” said Strea.

“You’re wearing armor?” asked Liz, confused.

Yuki proposed to Asuna and they left the room together. Kirito didn’t care. She would come back to him. They shared inventory space. What bond could be deeper?

But Strea comforted Kirito as they got some tea ceremony going.

Under the bed, Sinon did unspeakable things to Imouto. Imouto liked it.

Asuna and Yuki came back to the room together, wearing nothing but towels. “You are shameless, Kirito Kirigaya! Shameless!”

“It’s because you weren’t here. Strea was just comforting me, Asuna…”

“Fine! Then I’ll comfort you too!” Asuna began to comfort Kirito’s sword.

Kirito smiled in satisfaction. Asuna glared at him.

“Sorry, sorry! It’s just… still amazing. The way you handle a weapon like that is perfect. Don’t you think so, Premiere?”

“Premiere, do you want to try together? This is an important sword handling technique!”

“Eat it… together. You and… You and me?”

Everyone enjoyed getting the tea ceremony going.

Meanwhile, the fake black swordsman, Genesis, who was just like Kirito except evil because he didn’t have any friends, searched together for the magical balls with a girl who looked exactly like Premiere. Her name was Secondary. He discovered, without cheating in the admin console, that if he found all the balls, he could destroy the world.

“Secondary! How brilliant is THAT?! It’s not every day you get to put the torch to an entire civilization… an entire world!”

Genesis continued to work hard, while Kirito got the tea ceremony going.

To be continued…

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    1. Poor Genesis. If only he had DUAL BLADES all the girls would have tea ceremonies with him and he wouldn’t need to destroy the world.

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