Sword Art Online II 23 — Till Death Do We Part

This is part 40 of my SAO summary / fanfiction, and you can start from the beginning here.


1337 haxor Kirito turns on a webcam, with the help of two other engineers. He installed Skype so now Yuuki could attend school. Truly one of the greatest minds of our age.


Yuuki went to school. The teacher asked her to read a book aloud.


Asuna cried. Yuuki could read. All her dreams had come true.


The rest of the class was equally amazed.

“You all should come visit me in SAO!” said Yuuki. “I’d be happy to give you some private lessons.”

Next, Asuna took Yuuki for a walk around town.


“Asuna, you’re already fifteen years old. You need to get married already.”


“I know… Asuna, want to marry me?”



“But you’ll have to be the wife.”

But Yuuki… what would my daughter say?”

“I would love her as my own child.”

“Oh, Yuuki…”


“Asuna… let me tell you about my tragic past. My mom used to take us to church to pray. She always told us, ‘God does not give us more suffering than we can bear.'”


“I always wanted to hear her words, not the Bible’s.”

“But Yuuki, that’s not in the Bible.”

“Oh… well… it’s not like either of us ever read it.”

“You’re right Yuuki. You’ve inspired me. I will talk to my mother about this.”


“Please, Mother! I can only talk to you while playing video games!”

Asuna and her mother went to the world of Alfheim Online.

“Mother, the truth is… I’m thinking about getting married.”

Asuna’s mother started crying. “I always thought this day would come… but why… can’t I control my tears?”


“In this world, you can’t hide your tears.”

“That’s a bug!”


“But anyway, you’re prepared to support someone for the rest of your life, aren’t you? You’re already 15, so I think that’s great.”

“Oh, it won’t be for the rest of my life. She has AIDS, can’t leave the hospital, and only has a year or so left to live.”


Continued in Part 41

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