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Hellsing 08 — I’m no Mere Bishop… I’m an Archbishop!

It’s been what… a year or two since the last episode was released?

To those who read this blog regularly, you may have realized that bloody action shows are not exactly my thing. So this may come as a bit of a surprise, but well, I think that Hellsing Ultimate is bloody (hahaha) awesome. Here’s why:

  1. Insanity. There isn’t a single character in this show who isn’t completely insane and who doesn’t laugh in delight at the sight of blood and carnage. Well, at least not anyone who lives longer than ten seconds. And most of those guys are insane too.
  2. Sheer Ridiculousness. We have a battle between the Inquisition, Anglicans, and undead Nazis. And Father Anderson and Alucard make for two more armies.
  3. Audacious Badassery. Each of the main characters could easily defeat an army single-handedly. These guys make the heroes of Tenga Toppa Gurrenn Laggan look like a girl scout troop.
  4. Evil Laughter. Bwah ha ha ha ha!
  5. Great Dialogue. The style is reminiscent of Shin Mazinger Z. The characters pose in the middle of battle and just scream epic lines at each other.
  6. Fountains of Blood. The creators of Hellsing Ultimate have taken blood and gore so far past the point where it becomes disgusting that it has reached a second plateau where it is simply a matter of course. They are not afraid to take anything too far. There are more limbs ripped off per episode than there are limbs.
  7. Father Anderson. Amen.

If I had to describe Hellsing in one word, it would be epic. The creators aren’t afraid to take anything too far. And it works. Character development? I suppose they throw a bit in here or there. A sensible plot? Nah. Humor? Unless you find the amount of gore funny (I’ll be honest: occasionally I do). But who needs these things. We’ll just show monsters killing things, shouting at each other and  generally being badasses. If the bad guys are going to invade London, let them massacre the entire populace! And then we can have the rescue force finish off the survivors! If you’re going to have an action show, this is how you should do it! Don’t hold anything back, and go all out! I’m glad all anime aren’t like this, but for once in a while it’s quite entertaining.

As for episode eight, in particular: it’s a continuation of the London invasion, and Alucard makes his return. (why couldn’t England have sent a faster boat to pick him up again…?) Both the inquisition and the Nazis stop their battle to kill Alucard. Of course, they get destroyed. Father Anderson begins the ultimate showdown, and turns into a monster like Alucard.

A few other minor reasons why I like the show:

  • Awesome animation.
  • Zeppelins.
  • Nazis and Knights Templar with machine guns.
  • Crystal Dragon Jesus.
  • None of this good and evil silliness. Everyone’s evil!
May the rest of the episodes come out faster. A – men.

Morita-san wa Makuchi OVA — Taciturn Yuri

This came out a couple months ago, but if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t worry, because you haven’t missed anything. I’ll summarize the entire thing. We start with an exciting two minute intro of copy-pasted pages from the manga. Then:

  1. Someone interacts with Morita.
  2. Morita thinks for several minutes about what to say next.
  3. She doesn’t say anything.
  4. Misunderstandings and lesbian hijinks occur.
  5. Two boys comment about how jealous they are.
  6. Repeat ad nauseum for twenty minutes.

The only times I even cracked a smile were when Morita’s mother appeared.

This OVA was a teaser episode for a show that’s airing this summer. If the jokes have gotten old before the first episode has even aired, then we’re in for some trouble. I won’t even bother going into how terrible the animation was or how faceless the supporting cast was since, well, if a comedy isn’t even funny, what’s the point?

Koi Sento OVA — Fighting Deer

This is the kind of thing they would only make in Japan. We have a genetically engineered damsel in distress and a desperate young high school male on a field trip who are united and fall in love due to the efforts of a white buck and a herd of deer who fight against giant robotic oni. Koi Sento actually aired almost half a year ago, but it slipped past my radar.

Unfortunately, this OVA isn’t quite as awesome as it sounds. The characters are your stereotypical damsel in distress and loser teenage boy, and the plot is 25 minutes of teenage wish fulfillment. Quite literally, in fact: the boy spends the first few minutes of the show wishing he could meet and fall in love with the female, who is a celebrity (I didn’t follow why). The deer were entertaining, certainly, but not enough to make it worth sitting through the rest of this OVA.

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu ~Matsuri~ OVA 02

The focus of this OVA was a summoning tournament to earn new funds for the class so they could buy new furniture and Himeji’s father wouldn’t make her transfer schools. Of course, they still ended up with the same furniture due to idiocy, and Himeji is still in the class.

This episode was good and had a lot of funny parts, but I still didn’t enjoy it as much as the last episode. Honestly, I think the summoning battles are the weakest part of the show— the chibi fighters were hilarious the first time they appeared, but the actual fights aren’t all that interesting. It’s the interactions between the different characters which is the highlight of this show. Using the summoning battles as a way to make jokes around the characters works great, such as Yuuji’s proposal to Shouko, Hazuki’s promised reward, and everyone cheating in the final battle, but the actual battles themselves are, over a certain limit, just time spent away from the better parts of the show. To me, this episode skirted that limitrather closely.

Gundam Unicorn 03

Gundam Unicorn has been pretty much everything I could ask for in a Gundam show. Epic space battles complete with explosions, political intrigue, futile wars and depressingly human characters. It seems poised to become my third favorite series in the meta-series, closely following Turn A Gundam and Zeta. My only complaint is it takes so long for the next episode to come out.

In the third OVA, we learn that the Unicorn Gundam has anti-Newtype capabilities which seem to overwhelm the pilot’s own will. Banagher almost kills Marida, only to stop at the last second. Later, Banagher begins to bond with Daghda, so of course Full Frontal kills Daghda. Banagher becomes enraged and finally gains the will to kill someone, only to have the father of the family he stayed with in the colony block his shot and die.

Banagher has been surprisingly pleasant as far as Gundam leads go. He has the usual issue of not wanting to fight, but who can blame him? He really does have no reason to, especially since he even knows the people he’s fighting against. And unlike certain other Gundam protagonists, his indecisiveness has been short-lived in comparison with the usual twenty to thirty episodes. Banagher’s bloodlust after Daghda’s death was also understandable – I, for one, was hoping he would succeed. Compared to Amuro and Camille’s endless whining, Banagher is great. And compared to Setsuna F. Seiei and the protagonists of Gundam Seed— well, let’s no go there. But he does still possess the immaturity and naivety that make Gundam what it is.

In addition to Banagher’s development, the supporting cast gets a lot of time in the spotlight as well. In particular, Marida and Daghda become fully fleshed out, to make Daghda’s death all the more disturbing. It was a nice contrast how the creators allowed Daghda to die – the Gundams withstand debris, explosions and beam particles, but the human body just disintegrates into nothingness with the light sweep of the saber, in the middle of a last-ditch attack which doesn’t even faze his enemy.

For the next episode it seems like we are Earthbound and hopefully will see the political side of things from the point of Mineva. Gundam Unicorn truly makes it feel like the end of an era is approaching, with Mineva, who we last saw as a child,  fully grown, and a weapon that has been built to make Newtypes, once seen as the future of humanity, obsolete.