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Samurai Flamenco 16 — Relying on your Friends

Masayoshi meets a homeless man whom he saved that now saves him in return, and convinces him to rely on Gotoh. Rely on your friends, guys. If you won’t happily welcome your friends into your house when they’re wanted fugitives, then you’re a worthless friend. Nothing else to say.


I like these two guys’ reaction to the charges against Masayoshi. They don’t even need to think about whether it’s something he would ever do, they just immediately toss out the possibility that he’s clever enough to pull it off. Continue reading Samurai Flamenco 16 — Relying on your Friends

Samurai Flamenco 13 – 15 — Twists and Turns

It’s a very different experience watching three episodes in one sitting than watching from week to week. I went through an enormous swath of feelings regarding Samurai Flamenco in the past three episodes.

In episode 13, I was pretty bored. It’s filled with discussions of contingency plans and angsting over whether to reveal the truth and who to bring to the emergency shelter. I spent the entire episode just waiting for it to end.

The first half of episode 14 also pissed me off, but for different reasons. Masayoshi reveals the impending invasion at the end of the previous episode, and the prime minister is pissed at him. The citizens are in a panic. So Masayoshi issues a video instructing them what to do.


Normally this would be fine. But half the video is an apology, and the other half is telling everyone not to panic. “Hey, everyone, aliens are about to invade and kill all of you, but don’t panic!” Yeah that’s gonna help. And then the rest of the cast is acting like Masayoshi is a genius for coming up with this video. Ugh. It’s just so unbelievably stupid. Maybe it’s a parody of something? But I’m not sure what. Continue reading Samurai Flamenco 13 – 15 — Twists and Turns

Samurai Flamenco 12 — Doing Your Job


I can sympathize with this feeling. When you’re just being a superhero at night, without anyone knowing about it, it’s fun and exciting. But as soon as it becomes your job— it isn’t so fun anymore. You don’t do it because you want to, but because you have to. Sure, you’ll probably still enjoy it, but you won’t spend your free time doing it. You need to find a new hobby.

I had the same experience— in high school I was really into computer programming. In my spare time I would write programs. It was lots of fun. Continue reading Samurai Flamenco 12 — Doing Your Job