Tales of Zestiria the X Review — D


A lengthy (and poor) advertisement for the video game.

This was just pointless. It shamelessly ends when it’s gotten a quarter of the way through just so you have to buy the game to see the rest (spoiler alert, since I’ve played the game: it’s not worth it). Plus, the story is dull. And it goes really slowly. Pretty sure the actual game went faster than this. The main things I liked about the game were the bad puns and the gameplay, and this adaptation dropped both of those.

The saddest part was when halfway through they kind of just realized that Zestiria sucked, and randomly switched to a two-episode advertisement for Tales of Berseria. And these two episodes were easily the best of the entire show.

On the positive side, it did fix the game’s issue of dumping the main character a third of the way through. By not even getting that far.


It’s such a shame because ufotable’s shows are always so pretty. Why have they been wasting their efforts on crappy video game adaptations lately…

  • Storytelling – D – Pick a better story next time.
  • Voice – D – Not enough bad puns.
  • Characters – D – Wow. So boring.
  • Attention Grab – D – Boring. Although I did already play the game…
  • Production – B – Looks pretty..
  • Overall – D

Recommendations – If you really have to, play the game instead. Not that the story was any better there, but at least you got to whack your sword at shit.

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