23 thoughts on “Tamayura ~hitotose~ — First Impression

  1. It was somewhat moe. At least it is not as boring as Fortune Arterial or A-Channel. How is that for positive spin?

    1. Lol can’t argue with that. Which is pretty amazing considering Fortune Arterial involved vampires and it still managed to be more boring than this.

  2. I can see the appeal in this series though…While many shows like Blood-C end up being uber-annoying, Tamayura has little-to-no chance of being annoying. And meanwhile, you get a ton of moe.

    There aren’t any expectations, so it can’t disappoint.

  3. Oh, dear Draggle. You mustn’t diss the progenitor show of K-ON! This means you need to watch the OVAs too.

    Also, if this takes place on the same town as the OVA you’ll be in for a Joji Nakata treat.

    1. I don’t think progenitor means what you think it does? I tried to watch the OVAs but had the same problem: I got through half an episode before I started doing something else. This show just bores me to tears. K-ON at least had its comedic moments, and had characters that were much more active.

      1. I dunno, man. These kinds of things turns my legs into jelly and makes me go squee. Telling me that you don’t like this show is like telling me that Bincho-tan is an abomination (which is not). But I do understand that this kind of show isn’t really for everyone.

    1. At least Aria was in OUTER SPACE. It was hard to watch too, although I did enjoy it. Half an episode per week was about my limit though.

  4. I like the second episode a lot better. Now it is the usual 4-girl grouping seen in a lot of shows. This time there’s comedy, and YMMV if it’s good (I liked it). Similar to K-ON, Yuru Yuri, or what have you…

    I’ve no clue why they did an hugely unfitting flashback as the first episode…

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