The Anime Blog Tournament: Draggle vs. Chikorita157

For those of you who don’t know, I’m participating in a tournament among anime blogs. Today I’m up in the first round, against chikorita157! So check out his blog and then vote for the one you like best! (I’ll help: it stars with a ‘D’) You also may want to check out some of the other participants in the tournament.

For those who are new to this site, welcome! Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I’m Awesome

Don’t take my word for it, though.

Draggle’s Anime Blog – It’s a fairly popular episodic blog which… I feel confident… can win this round… in…all… likelihood… since …he makes creative posts and writes good reviews. — chikorita157

Ok, so that wasn’t exactly what he said. He spelled “likelihood” as “likely hood.” I was kind enough to fix it for him. Everyone makes mistakes, after all.

If you’re new to this site, check out some of my favorite posts: my series of bloggers singing about Guilty Crown and my discussions on Mawaru Penguindrum.

Since this is a tournament between blogs and not bloggers, I’d also like to point out one of this site’s best sellings points: its commenters. We have a set of regular commenters that would probably make better bloggers than me. We even have commenters who write rap songs!

Now, let me tell you a little bit about my opponent, Chikorita157, since he’s rather humble and probably won’t give you the full story himself.

Chikorita157 (if that is his real name) is Also Awesome But Not as Much

First, chikorita157 is a good guy of excellent taste. He likes Milky Holmes, after all. Everyone who likes Milky Holmes is a good person. He joins an elite group of bloggers, with me, psgels, and… that’s it (edit: and feal87 (edit 2: and AceRailgun) who for some reason do(es)n’t vote in APR).

When I discovered that Chikorita157 liked Milky Holmes, what else could I do? I swore a vow of eternal friendship. Chikorita157 still hasn’t answered my confession. He didn’t even follow me on twitter until a few days ago! Plus he claims to not even subscribe to my blog. But I know that deep down he returns my feelings. For someone who doesn’t read my blog, he sure leaves a lot of comments! He’s such a tsundere!

So chikorita157 is a cool guy, even if he is a bit of a flirt. I’d like to call one issue to your attention, however. See this picture of chikorita157?

Lookin’ pretty good, eh? Let’s zoom in and take a closer look.

Hmm… Are you seeing what I’m seeing? I don’t think I’m imagining it…

That’s right. Unfortunately, there’s only one conclusion I can come to. Chikorita157 is an impostor.

You see, I’ve known Chikorita from way back when. We were introduced by Professor Elm twelve years ago. Back then, he looked like this:

Now, I know they’ve made tremendous advances in corrective surgery. But I find it hard to believe they’ve come this far.

Don’t get me wrong: I trust Chikorita157, and I’m not accusing him of anything. He likes Milky Holmes, after all. But I think that, on behalf of anime blog readers everywhere, and to lend credibility to this tournament, we need a stronger verification process so that not just anyone can enter a contest like this. I propose that Chikorita157 release his birth certificate to the public so we can put this silly controversy behind us. The long-form birth certificate, of course.

Words of Wisdom

Let me end with some words of wisdom. If I felt like it, I could write a book about Chikorita157, but I’ll restrict myself to what he’s said in the past couple weeks:

Milky Holmes… the most entertaining comedies of the season… Final Series Rating: 9.2/10, A, Very Good — Chikorita157

It’s so good that either “9.2 / 10” or “A” or “Very Good” isn’t enough to describe how good it is, you need all three of them. I fully support Chikorita157’s assessment.

For instance, this happened when I watched Tantei Opera Milky Holmes. I thought the show would turn out bad. However, I was wrong… — Chikorita157

Chikorita157 has the wisdom to learn from his mistakes.


everything lies


on Hina’s

cuteness. — Chikorita157

Chikorita157 is even a poet!

One of the most common reasons why blogs die is the lack of motivation. It could happen as part of being stressed out from work/school, infrequent social interactions or the lack of satisfaction. In a sense, we all have reasons why we blog about anime. I can explain this through McGregor’s Theory Y of Motivation. He states that people are self-motivated and ambitious, thus they tend to enjoy work that gives a satisfying experience. In a sense, this is true since most Anime Bloggers wants to share the passion of the medium and have fun. However, there are reasons why some lose motivation and frequently go on hiatus. — Chikorita157

Chikorita157 is a gentleman and a scholar.

Naturally, I’m not familiar with the source material unless I have read it before hand. — Chikorita157

But even Chikorita157 is not omniscient.

So everyone, go and vote! May the best (real) blogger win!

And Chikorita157, remember, if you weren’t being honest and actually do read my blog, it’s ok, I’m still waiting for a response to my confession of eternal Milky Holmes friendship!

(Update: Chikorita157 appears to have written a response to my confession but without referring to me by name, really, he’s such a tsundere! But I feel like he’s moving things too fast… I don’t think I’m ready for the kind of commitment it takes to raise a family yet… Besides, if we had children, what would they look like? I think breeding a starfish and a chikorita would work if we stayed at the breeding center together. But if Chikorita157 really is an impostor, I don’t think crossbreeding would work…)

(Update 2: In case it wasn’t clear, this post is largely fictitious aside from the fact that you should vote in this contest, that I am awesome, and that Chikorita157 is also awesome. To clarify, Chikorita157 is not Ouma Shuu, he did not eat the baby Jesus, he is not the Pope, and he did not imprison the real Chikorita.)

70 thoughts on “The Anime Blog Tournament: Draggle vs. Chikorita157

  1. It’s a damn shame that we aren’t going to be going against each other. Having a post like this made would make your defeat all the sweeter. However, you have my vote. Draggle 2012!

  2. At first I intended to vote for chikorita but since you kindly prevented me from getting spoiled re Fate/ Zero I cannot but give you my vote, as well ^^

    My favourite post is still Dantalian episode 11!

    1. You’re welcome!

      And oh man, I had to look up what I wrote for that post, but that one was one of my best. A lot of fun to write too. I hadn’t realized you’d been reading so long either!

    1. Thanks, but shhhh!!! This offer might be why I was accused of cheating. For the record, I would never do something so unscrupulous!

      1. O-New accidentally donated all of our 99% of our votes to draggle, which is why we lost to you shameful folks. If we weren’t so kind, we would’ve won by like, 98%!

  3. With all the drama over, it was a pleasure to compete with you. Of course it’s not over yet since there is 30+ hours left in the whole thing. But yeah, I should have pulled a Baka-Raptor and do the “worst blog ever” thing, but it’s probably won’t be as funny since I lack the sense of humor to do it.

    But yeah, if you are wondering I’m a male tsundere, you just amuse me although I like tsundere girls. In reality, I’m an Asian college student that majors in Management Information Systems. I have been in the blogosphere for three years and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. So yeah, more about the real me and the recap is coming soon once the polls end.

    どうぞよろしく!(Nice to meet you)

    1. Are you really Chikorita157? I thought you were swallowed by a talking dinosaur with a purple hat earlier.

      I’m sure it would be hilarious if you did it, it actually isn’t that hard. 🙂 And I knew you were a tsundere! どうぞうよろしく!

        1. Are you sure about that? The world is filled with unscrupulous people like that purple dinosaur who may or may not have impersonated you, terrible people who wouldn’t hesitate to enter someone else’s email address as their own! — draggle

          1. No, I wasn’t planning to… The most popular one is the Discuz or whatever it’s called but I think most people prefer to post anonymously. I, for example, don’t want my parents to read this site everyday.

            Btw if you want to get a picture you can sign up at and it associates it with your email address, works on any wordpress blog.

          2. *open phone* Let me inform her of this blog existence…:D

            No seriously, I agree with draggle, I don’t like blogs who force you to log-in into something. I generally don’t comment entirely on these…

  4. Love the post header image of your avatar vs Chikorita’s.
    It’s as if you are innocently wondering why Chikorita157’s looking admirably at youself >_<

  5. @draggle this is one reason you need to get Disqus – I can’t reply to your other comment anymore due to the bad design. You don’t have to force a real-life account; I believe it provides a guest system too. Other benefits include search engine friendliness, better social subscription and tech awesomeness.

    I have a gravatar. I just don’t feel like leaving my email here 😀

    1. Hm, I will look into it then. Thanks! Btw no one will see your email address except me and I already know it.

    1. It took about five minutes to make each of these graphics, so don’t feel too bad if you voted for Chikorita157. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the post!

  6. Had to, just had to vote for you blog. That image of nazi, pope, Ouma Shuu eating baby Jesus is a work of art. Show that to galleries and they’d burn to Mona Lisa simply to make a place for it!

    1. Totally. I went to France once and saw the Mona Lisa, but seriously, I’ve seen better photoshop jobs than that.

  7. As a regular reader i was going to vote for you anyway but to be honest i think your blog is good enough to not have to resort to mockery. Still though i’ll be gunning for you.

    1. Of course I don’t have to resort to mockery (more importantly, I don’t even have to win these things) but I figure I may as well have fun with this. I’d rather write something ridiculous and entertaining then publish yet another “There’s a tournament, vote for me, yay” posts. I try to make my mockery good natured and ridiculous so no one is offended (and I think I succeeded). Thanks for your support!

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