The Week in Anime, Fall 2013 #6 — Draggle is Forgetful

I wrote this last week and then forgot to publish it. Oops.


Noucome — I love this show. It has the same stupid perverted antics of countless anime, but it’s actually funny. For example, in thirty seconds we get a better wrestling than the entirety of another show dedicated solely to wrestling. This week’s episode was great. I can only hope that the missions and absolute choices will continue to escalate into the nightmare that is a harem.

White Album 2 — Pretty good episode, aside from the crappy J-Pop. Which was most of the episode. Why can’t they use music from the actual White Album instead of making up their own shitty J-Pop version?

Log Horizon — Although the pacing has been slow throughout, this week’s episode was the first time I could say I was actually bored. However, I’m sure that once the plan actually goes in motion and we move past the planning stage things will pick up again.


Golden Time — I’m still hoping that both of the main characters end up forever alone.

Kyoukai no Konata — Was this week’s episode really confusing, or was I just half asleep?

Nagi no Asukara — I like how the brother decided to move out with his sister. I was harsh on him at first but he’s a good guy. He’s already grown quite a lot.

Arpeggio — This is more along the lines of what I was hoping for, the captain’s harem of ships. Takao is the best, obviously. However the show could do with a bit less existential angst from the ships.

Galilei Donna — How do we establish that the bad guy is evil? Have him shoot a bunch of sick people in the hospital for no reason. This is a terrible villain.

4 thoughts on “The Week in Anime, Fall 2013 #6 — Draggle is Forgetful

  1. I have no idea why I’m still watching Galilei Donna anymore. The thing is currently a 3 on my MAL (which means I’m getting mad at it) for reasons I’ve described on my own blog and the defenses I hear for it consist of the very things I don’t like about it (the character handling, the deep emotional stories, the anti-poverty themes). I guess maybe because it’s almost over? Feh.

    1. I’m just watching it for the goldfish and the explosions. And to see what ridiculous ideas they have of other cultures and the rest of the shit they make up about Galileo.

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