Toaru Hikuushi 08 — Whoa!


I had all but given up hope on this show. And then this episode comes along and kills off half the cast. Sweet!

If only they’d condensed the past six episodes into one or two, this could have been a pretty good show. Oh well…


Also Ari is really cute this episode. And badass. Taking out tons of airplanes with a shotgun… I feel like they are completely outmatched, their little toy planes and pistols against fighter planes. Who were the barbarians again?

And the leaders of this expedition continue to be criminally negligent. Actually, this world just makes no sense. They have planes and flying battleships. And they don’t even know of the existence of a neighboring empire? Huh?

Also I like how Claire can fly planes and stuff, but she needs ERU-ERUFU to turn the car on. Women can’t drive, don’cha know? ERU-ERUFU is every bit a killing machine as his namesake too, as expected.

8 thoughts on “Toaru Hikuushi 08 — Whoa!

  1. Now this is what I wanted. Compared to the send-off tubby got last episode, Fausto and Wolf just got blown away. They didn’t even get a dumb speech while going down in flames. And then Ari saved the day by telling Karl not to angst about the dead guys, though from the looks of things there’s a whole episode of that next week.

    The bad guys are sky Nazis with paper-mache fighters. I’m starting to think this whole expedition was just the Republic’s way of purging undesirables, only instead of gulags and concentration camps they put them all on a big dumb floating island and figured their combined incompetence would kill them all.

    1. Yep! Let them die quickly and brutally! Don’t waste three episodes on it, which only lessens the impact. Still would have been better if I actually cared about these characters, but whatever, still a huge improvement.

      I wouldn’t equate the bad guys with Nazis yet. We don’t really know anything about them yet. From what I can tell, our heroes are the invaders.

      I think you’re spot on, the Isla is a flying gulag, except instead of ethnic groups they fill it with idiots. Will be amazed if their combined incompetence doesn’t kill them all. Especially if the current leadership remains in charge.

  2. Same here on the first paragraph. I would also enjoy Claire Cruz and her sinful naivety to be killed on the spot by either Karl La Hire or the Sky Clan whichever comes first. Say good bye to girly girls and their naivety from now on. I am going to enjoy when naivety in people dies, they stay dead now and forever. Because naivety is a one way ticket to death because you see the good in everyone and everything possible. Innocence leads to sympathy, sympathy leads to naivety, naivety leads to death from themselves.

    1. Claire at least realized her naivety was a mistake and tried to change it though. But I guess naivety can never be forgiven…

      1. Of course naivety can never be forgiven. Now you see why I keep saying “naivety is a sin now and forever more.” It’s because naivety would wind up causing extremely severe consequences. Like doing whatever in the jersey club from Rinne no Lagrange is nothing more than “ABSOLUTE POPPYCOCK.” It’s high time that you wake up from this naïve garbage. It would be better to accept that naivety is the eighth deadly sin let alone the unheard deadly sin or should I say that naivety is the original sin of everything and everyone. It’s high time to accept it whether you like it or not. It would be better to embrace the anti-naïve lifestyle whether you want to or not. You did say you follow me, you bow down to me. That means you do as I say from now on.

        1. Wasn’t the original sin Adam and Eve eating from the tree of knowledge, and losing their naivety? Or was God the bad guy and the snake the hero.

          1. God is definitely the good guy and the serpent’s the villain. Don’t forget that!

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