Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta 02-04 — A Story of Love and Vengeance


I’ll blog this and Sekai Seifuku, and possibly one more. Probably Buddy Complex. Space Dandy and Noragami are ahead in the polls, but I like Buddy Complex better than either of them. It’s not like I dislike Space Dandy or Noragami (which would improve the appeal of blogging them), I just don’t feel like I would have much to say.

Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta is going to be a show nobody remembers five years from now. Honestly, it’s just not that great. Why?

  1. Poor storytelling. How many flashbacks have we had so far? There’s nothing wrong with the occasional flashbacks, but two episodes with the majority being flashbacks is a bit much. I’m sure there is a more interesting way to communicate this information. Here’s my suggestion: DON’T. Do we really need to know all about Ka’el’s older sisters, the first time he flew, or the time Ari’s friend threw a rock at an actor in the play and Ka’el got beaten up for trying to stop him? No we most certainly do not. Why not leave something to our imagination? All of the flashbacks in episode three and four added absolutely nothing to my understanding of Ka’el, Ari and their relationship that I didn’t already know after episode two. All these flashbacks were a giant waste of time. They only served to destroy the mystery and mystique that had been centered around Ka’el’s past.


  1. Poor characterization. You know what  they could have done with all the time they wasted on those pointless flashbacks? Developed some of Ka’el and Claire’s classmates! None of them has done anything to distinguish him or herself except for the old guy and the noble bully. And what those two did to distinguish themselves consisted of carrying around handkerchiefs and being a pompous arrogant little brat. Oh and of course we have ERU-ERUFU who is busy hiding behind corners and looking mysterious.


  1. Potentially Squandered Setting. We have this awesome setting. Cool aeroplanes, floating islands, magic wind powers, and the End of the Sky. How does the show make use of this setting? By having a bunch of kids attend a fucking school. Just what I wanted to see. I do have hopes that this will be less of an issue as the show continues.

With all that said, I think this show is awesome and anyone who doesn’t think so is dumb. I mean look it’s about flying and magic and vengeance with mysteries and steampunk. (I hope no one expected me to point to the romance here…)

But about the romance: it’s not bad! Ok, so it was a bit too happy for me at first. There’s nothing more boring than a successful romance.  But with Claire as Nina Viento… things are going to get real interesting real quick! FYI I totally called it. With his mind a mix of love and vengeance, what will Ka’el do? Obviously love will win in the end (it’s just that kind of anime) but it will be an interesting journey there. This kind of story just really appeals to me, a good portion of my favorite anime have themes of reconciliation. If people always get along, it’s just not interesting, you know?


Still, can’t believe it’s only episode four and they’ve already slept together. Let’s hope Claire waits to tell Ka’el she’s actually Nina Viento until right after she tells him she’s pregnant. Now that would be interesting…!

10 thoughts on “Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta 02-04 — A Story of Love and Vengeance

  1. I really was hoping this would be similar to Last Exile, since there were similar settings (unexplored world, flight travel, sibling protagonists, etc). Such a let down it has been…

  2. I just want to get to the bit we saw in the first episode with all the planes shooting each other down. All this stupid school setting stuff is making me wish for some carnage.

    Also, why is Annie from SnK teaching at a piloting school?

    1. Yes, carnage! Blood, blood, blood! That’s what we all want.

      Lol I was wondering what Annie was doing there too.

  3. I was about to drop this when they confirmed that Claire was Nina Viento, and I have to admit that I am 500% more interested in the romance now.

  4. I got excited for a moment when I was told this would be about a world of steampunk airplanes. I was thinking Water-world in the sky… then everything you’ve mentioned was true. I was not let down, I was bored and confused when I actually watched the first episode.

    Where’s the excitement, the conflict the… wtf a school? Fly some god damn where, go get into engine trouble, scrounge for parts and barter for fuel, get kidnapped and run away from bad people. None of that happened. Instead… poor man’s school romcom, without the comedy and none of the conflict that makes romance great.

    1. Exactly. Fortunately it seems like some conflict is incoming on the romance front, but I doubt it will be enough to save this anime from the drudgeries of school life.

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