Toji no Miko — First Impressions

Cute girls fight monsters with swords.

I have mixed feelings about this. The battles were excellent. I especially enjoyed the second half of the episode, which was a tournament. What other anime has had an entire tournament last half an episode. Each fight was like ten seconds. It felt like they could get killed in an instant for making the slightest mistake, or no mistake at all. Most shows like this don’t capture that feeling, since everyone has magical powers and is practically invincible.

But the first half of the episode, which consisted of school life antics, was pretty boring. That’s worrisome, since it’s only the first episode.

But the second half, as well as the excellent twist at the end, made me regain some enthusiasm. Given what happened at the end, it’s hard to see how this can become a school life series. Although it’s anime, so I’m still expecting them to find a way to attend school together…

So not sure how this will turn out, but I’m at least intrigued enough to check out the second episode.


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