Trinity Seven Review — D-


A boy goes to magic school and builds a harem.

Ok, so this wasn’t all that great. It’s a perverted harem show, with most of the genre’s usual issues. Each girl gets a short arc, some are better than others, they fall in love with the main character for no reason and he’s completely indecisive.

However, the show did have a few things I liked. The fantasy story isn’t that bad, but it’s not like the story matters much in this kind of show anyway. Some of the characters are decent— actually scratch that. They  suck. Best girl according to Emperor J is ninja girl who hides behind sheets and can dodge clothes ripping magic. Exciting.



Actual best girl is the leader of the “evil mage side”. Yes, she actually calls herself the “evil mage side” and asks the main character to join “the evil mage side.” I thought it was hilarious… also I like the crazy evil girls trying to destroy the world. It’s cute.

This show also has some rather atypical fanservice. The second episode, for example, was one of the best, and involved several of the characters wetting their pants.  Not to imply that I find that attractive or anything… but in terms of entertainment value it sure beats falling down and accidentally groping breasts.

I don’t know why I’m trying to justify giving this a D- over an F. The show is crap. I only enjoyed it because I had fun watching it with my friends in our Classy Skype calls.

  • Storytelling – F – Not much to speak of. Some decent fanservice.
  • Voice – D – Has an interesting vibe where everyone’s kind of laid back and just calmly discusses things and flirts with their enemies while fighting them.
  • Characters – F – I like the evil girls but really not too impressive.
  • Attention Grab – F – Definitely has some boring parts.
  • Production – D – Ugly. Hate the designs. Also three girls have the same design. Talk about lazy.
  • Overall -D-

RecommendationsHigh School DxD, Daimidaler, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou

2 thoughts on “Trinity Seven Review — D-

  1. enjoyed it because I had fun watching it with my friends
    Only reason you need to watch anime. The grade almost doesn’t matter, since it is a good medium of entertainment overall, regardless of the ‘quality’ as an anime.

    1. Yep anime is much better watched with friends. Although the great thing about Twitter is I can meet people dumb enough to watch something like Trinity Seven with me and not feel ashamed of themselves lol.

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