Tsuritama 02 — Knot Tying

I remember doing stuff like this when I was in boy scouts. Memorizing these was the hardest part. (random real-life factoid: I’m actually an eagle scout.) Now I’ve forgotten most of the knots. All I remember is the square knot and the tautline hitch. The tautline hitch is extremely useful when you need to set up tents, FYI. Anyway…


I’ve totally been here before. Well, I didn’t literally drench myself in sweat and run away. But I was extremely shy. Did not like talking to people I didn’t know. Class presentations? I would start freaking out a month in advance.

I got over it just by meting more people when I went to college and by giving lots of presentations. Familiarity breeds contempt. Now I hate preparing for presentations more than actually giving them, and I don’t feel nervous at all. Actually, I have to give one next week and should probably prepare…

Yuki doesn’t have the luxury of years of adjustment, but he finds another way to face his fear. Fishing. When the fish are biting, he doesn’t have time to run away. He has to pull. The fish literally drag him out of the water he’s drowning in.

Away from the sea, Haru does the exact same thing. When Yuki starts to have a panic attack in class, Haru pulls out his water gun and they start dancing. Now remember how Haru began the show carrying a fish on his head. Haru is the fish out of water who tugs on Yuki, forcing him to confront his fears.

An Alien Mind

When Haru claims to be an alien, I believe him. Why?

Because he has no concept of how to deal with human society. He thinks nothing of showing up invited to a stranger’s house and deciding to live there. Dancing in front of the class is nothing to him. He meets people on top of tall buildings.

But the strangest thing of all is his use of the water gun. He claims to want to be friends, but he seems to find nothing wrong with forcing people to do what he wants against their will. We find the idea of taking control of another mind against its will utterly repellent, yet Haru thinks nothing of it. Why would this be? My own hypothesis is that Haru is simply young and doesn’t know any better, or doesn’t interact with many other people. I am trying to imagine a society in which such behavior would be considered socially acceptable, but cannot bring myself to do so.

And I like how the only one who can hold their own in a conversation with Haru is Yuki’s grandmother. The wisdom of age.

Her Name is Coco She is (not) Loco

I have no idea what in the world she’s wearing, but I love the costume. It’s definitley… unique. I like the patterns in her hair as well.

Interestingly, she seems much more jaded than her brother. She doesn’t believe that Yuki will keep his promise. She doesn’t seem to feel the need to make friends. She’s nearly the opposite of her brother in many ways. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with both her and the duck guy.

2 thoughts on “Tsuritama 02 — Knot Tying

  1. Ugh, knots suck. I was never very good at tying them and I’ve long since forgotten any knots more complicated than the kind that keep my shoes on, so I’m in Yuki’s corner on this one.

    Haru’s sister is gonna be bad news, I can feel it. I don’t know if she’s going to be a thorn in Yuki’s side for a while, a flat out villain or something in between, but she seems a lot more savvy about human culture and outright malicious than her brother. And what is up with her hair?

  2. “All I remember is the square knot and the tautline hitch. The tautline hitch is extremely useful when you need to set up tents, FYI.”

    Quoted. For. TRUTH.

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