Tsuritama 05 — A Man of the Sea

At this point, Yuki has more or less broken out of his shell through his experience on the fishing boat. He has become a true man of the sea, who can stand up on a boat.

As an aside, I had a similar experience to Yuki. I used to be extraordinarily shy. Then when I went to college, I ended up meeting a lot of new people and pretty much got over it. So I can identify with him.

Fish Out of Water

It seems pretty well established at this point that Coco and Haru are fish. Coco didn’t complain about being hosed in the face, but only said that she had been feeling dry. By the way, where is Coco even living? In a cardboard box somewhere?

I love Haru’s sleeping position. He needs to keep his feet in a pan of water, of course, so he doesn’t dry out. But he also sleeps with his packet of money next to his head. I’m not entirely convinced he even knows what to do with money.


This guy’s totally just making excuses now. He clearly just wants to make friends and have fun fishing.

Is this the face of a guy who’s going along to spy on people?

I wonder who the real leader is though: the Indian or the duck? Also telling him to take his turban off indoors was quote politically incorrect.

6 thoughts on “Tsuritama 05 — A Man of the Sea

  1. Coco has the Unidentified Jellyfish Object to stay at, IIRC. But sometimes I think Coco might be in a fish form living in Haru’s fish bowl (which may be at Yuki’s house?).

    I really liked how Akira was trying to convince himself that he was joining the fishing venture strictly for business reasons. He will hopefully form some friendships soon enough. :>

    1. Ooh, I want to see the UJO. The fish bowl only has one fish, so I assumed it was Haru himself, but it could be Coco.

      Yes, Akira is such a tsundere.

  2. oooww I just love the indian guy, he is very funny and cute saying that it’s just for work :_: he is kinda sad

    1. Yeah, he is kind of sad… I think he will make some friends by the end of the series though. Plus he has his duck.

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