Valkyrie Drive – Mermaid Review — F


Girls transform into weapons by orgasming and fight in a lesbian rapist hellhole.


I watched this one with Classy. Even watching it with friends… damn this was painful to watch. It’s absolutely disgusting. Even with the uncensored version. I can’t even begin to imagine how people can fap to this?

It was also boring. We barely paid attention to it while watching it. Even with the low standards we have in Classy this is near the bottom of the barrel, even with such awful contenders as Queen’s Blade Rebellion, Oreimo, Walkure Romanze, World Break, Senran Kagura, Triage X, etc., etc.

Rating: F
Recommendations: Go outside.

12 thoughts on “Valkyrie Drive – Mermaid Review — F

    1. Storytelling: F (didn’t make me care at all), Characters: F (there were no characters, only boobs), Voice: C (well, it was unique… I pray we will never see its like again), Attention: F (barely paid attention), Production: C (it was fine)

      Am still thinking about whether to put these back… going to try it without for the rest of the season (only a couple left anyway)

  1. 1st of all, I’m sorry that you are about to receive my anger. You are not the only person but you are the one that breaks my back. I’m so sick and tired of reading uncaring, unskilled, hacks beat up on something that they could never possibly produce in their entire life. You are literrally the worst person to gibpve a review. You have no knowledge, no industry experience other than sitting on your couch of uninteresting judgement. Haters are always going to miss the point, their options always trump all else. If it isn’t your gig, then don’t review it. Picking on something that you and your pretentious friends already know is below your superior intellect isnt worth while or shouldn’t entertain a moment of your highly prized time. What you’re doing is sub intellectual. You know what Valkyrie Drive is, unless your sheer intellect has let you down, probably happens quite a bit, or you may have watched this show, completely naive to anime genres all together, either way you come across as crass. . So
    I ask you, are you naive or just a loud mouthed egotistical know it all? Because from your review, you are simply one or the other, no other excuses. You have no desire for this style yet you chop it up to class. Did I miss a day where you were crowned king and queen of all anime or are you just throwing your opinion at us like it matters? Thank you and in the future, please do realize that beyond your little room is a bunch of people who write, illustrate and produce work that somehow your untalented ass could give two fucks about. Let’s see how far your isolated talentless opinion caries you through the real world….

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