Valvrave the Liberator 16 — Valvrave Cheats on Haruto


Two-timing bitch. Not that I can blame her. I would pick Marie over Haruto as well.

I feel bad for Valvrave, but I’m shipping Marie so hard with Eru-Erufu right now. Such a romantic encounter this week.


First Eru-Erufu wakes Marie gently from her sleep.


Then he confesses his eternal love. I mean look at Eru-Erufu’s feelings for Haruto. Yet he’s still been shooting Haruto since episode one. This is basically a marriage proposal coming from Eru-Erufu.


Marie is overwhelmed. She doesn’t know how to respond to Eru-Erufu’s feelings. She needs time to prepare herself.


She isn’t familiar enough yet with her own body. But Eru-Erufu is very familiar with her body.

Marie then admits that she’s worried about her love rival:


No, Marie, of course you aren’t the same as Haruto! First Eru-Erufu picks you over Haruto, and then even Valvrave picks you over Haruto! Obviously Shouko would pick you over Haruto too. Don’t worry about that. Believe in Eru-Erufu!


Unfortunately it looks like next week another rival is going to appear to make a claim on Eru-Erufu’s heart. And this time it’s a robot… or something? I can see it now: “Pilot me, Eru-Erufu! Pull on the control stick… to my heart!” Maybe it will require a co-pilot and they can have a threesome gattai with Marie as well.


Oh and A-Drei kisses Saki (in the form of a little boy). Another ship has sailed which I didn’t see coming.

All in all, another EXCELLENT episode of VALVRAVE. > 666 / 100, POSSIBILITY!!!

14 thoughts on “Valvrave the Liberator 16 — Valvrave Cheats on Haruto

  1. Aw, hell. They even foreshadowed this ship back in episode 10 – Marie and Eru-Erufu were alone at the election table for how long? Sasuga Sunrise.

  2. Girl with zero initial and disposable memories, does not talk back, and immortal valvrave powers? Perfect for Eru-Erufu! Blank personality can be useful. I hope she doesn’t stay in a coma forever… and ever.

  3. “Then he confesses his eternal love. I mean look at Eru-Erufu’s feelings for Haruto. Yet he’s still been shooting Haruto since episode one. This is basically a marriage proposal coming from Eru-Erufu.”
    Tsk, tsk. Obviously, Eruerufu is taking Haruto’s words to heart and is being the coffee to Haruto’s sugar. He’s being as bitter as possible for his hubby’s sake and isn’t that beautiful? Besides, Shouko’s talk of making a future with her sounded so much like a proposal, it can’t even be questioned (but they can OT3 their new girlfriend Akira). 666/100 proposal.
    Ah, but is the true new ship A-Drei and Saki or A-Drei and the little kid? He seemed very familiar with him, I dunno…

    1. Good point, we shouldn’t start preparing for the marriage ceremony yet, Haruto still has a chance for Eru-erufu, and Eru-Erufu has a strong rival in Shouko. BUT Eru-Erufu and Shouko may also have a thing going on. Dare we hope for the threesome end?!!!

      A-Drei did seem intimately familiar with the little kid. Either way it should be interesting.

  4. Valvrave is just too good, I can’t handle it. XD
    In all seriousness though, I love just how well the show handles working with such a large cast of characters. Every week multiple subplots are being worked with, but there’s still enough time given to specific characters each episode to have some kind of dramatic payoff on a surprisingly regular basis.

    Random: For a minute I thought Saki was going to get amnesia herself after the ground exploded, and then think she was the Dorsian boy for a while. XP Wonder if she will still be with A-Drei next episode?

    1. No one can handle VALVRAVE.

      It does do a good job at the multiple subplots. They haven’t even completely forgotten the people back on the Moon.

      Would be hilarious if Saki got amnesia and became a Dorssian shota and A-Drei’s lover. This show pulls off the amnesia card so often I wouldn’t be surprised one bit.

  5. Being Haruto is suffering. #6 on the character popularity poll, ntr’ed by Pino and VVV1, ntr’ed by Saki, soon to be ntr’ed by Eru Erufu. He got turned into a vampire who exists as a battery for the other valvraves, he got 700 million friends on spacebook who only cares about him because he drives a giant robot and kill space-germans, everyone close to him suffers or dies(Aina, Shoko’s father, Shoko’s best friend Marie, Saki, etc). I just want Haruto to be happy;_;

    1. I’m actually surprised he placed so high. I’d put pretty much every character over Haruto. “A battery for other Valvraves” wwwww pretty much! Haruto is never going to be happy…

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