Yurikuma Arashi — First Impressions


Lesbian Bear Storm was a very accurate title. 11/10.


Wtf I don’t even know what’s going on this is great.


You can certainly see Ikuhara’s signature style. Very reminiscent of Penguindrum. In my opinion it’s a bit of a step down, especially in the production department. I recall Penguindrum having tons of visual details and lots of motion, this is more sparse and static. Still quite impressive at times however.

Much of the symbolism is fairly obvious— the lilies, the bears “eating” girls, the wall, but some I’m not sure about, particularly wtf was going on with that trial scene. I’m guessing this may turn out to be a repeated scene similar to the survival strategy. Sadly it’s nowhere as interesting either visually or especially musically.


Such a pure and innocent dream lol…


The bears are really cute… Creepy eyes though… there was another anime where they used the same type of eyes but I forget what it was… Anyone remember?

Btw I’ll definitely be blogging this.

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