Zankyou no Terror 07 — The Worst Terrorists are the Police


You know, I meant the title to sound ridiculous, but lately… 

Having the police plant bomb themselves is a bit ridiculous. But honestly I think people are more afraid of the police than of terrorists, especially in some communities. And the sad part is, they probably ought to be.

This episode was pretty awesome. We even got the detective and the terrorists to team up to stop Five’s bomb.



So cool.

Five is totally nuts. I don’t understand why she isn’t sitting in a jail cell right now. She had a number of people help her in her scheme to plant the bomb. Are all these people either completely oblivious, or complicit in her scheme? It boggles the credulity of my imagination that she could possibly get away with this.


Lisa finally makes her debut as a terrorist this week. She didn’t do a very good job. Oh well, don’t worry Lisa, practice makes perfect!

4 thoughts on “Zankyou no Terror 07 — The Worst Terrorists are the Police

  1. “She didn’t do a very good job.”

    Taking her ID out on a terrorist campaign such as this? Geez… now Five is gonna make her a life a living nightmare.

    1. Good thing she already abandoned her home and the people she knew.

      Only thing the BD needs is to fix Five’s English, then this show will still be flawless.

      1. Good point. I do think they live nearby her school though, so it still might help. And given the scruples we’ve seen Five has, I wouldn’t be surprised if she kidnaps Lisa’s mother or something.

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