Aldnoah Zero 24 — The Only Thing Shittier than Slaine is this Ending


My God. This was such a ridiculously terrible ending. Basically, the villain just surrenders because he doesn’t feel like it any more, and then everyone lives happily ever after? Kind of makes the entire show seem pointless, doesn’t it.

Then he gets into a big mecha fight with the main character just for the heck of it after the war already ended. Oh and destroys the moon because fuck the moon. And some random new side character is introduced in the final episodes to fight with the side characters and pretend that they actually matter. Yeah, every single subplot with the other earthlings was left unresolved.


Suzaku, you only hate orange because it is the COLOR OF HIS LOYALTY, something you so desperately lack you fucktard.


FINALLY someone realizes there are NO WINDS IN SPACE. Only took 12 episodes.


Inaho saved Slaine’s life just so he could visit him in prison and enjoy seeing him suffer. And people say Inaho has no personality.


Maybe this ending wasn’t so bad after all.


Never mind. Worst ending ever.

14 thoughts on “Aldnoah Zero 24 — The Only Thing Shittier than Slaine is this Ending

  1. “Why didn’t you kill me?” asked Slaine, raising his hateful stare over the chess board.
    “Because the princess asked me to save you from your misery.”
    “No, Slaine.”
    Inaho rose calmly from his seat, as Slaine looked up towards him, confused.
    “I call that retribution. Because of your actions we lost millions of people. Our environment was devastated. I lost an eye. And I lost…”
    Inaho looked forward, into nothing. As his cold, rational, unfeeling mind tried to reconstruct the shape, the sensation of a touch, a face that had managed to warm it up, if only a fraction of a Kelvin degree.
    Inaho sharply turned away from Slaine, giving him his back.
    “I said the princess asked, Slaine.”
    He walked towards the door, as the guard outside saw him and started opening it.
    “I never said I complied.”
    He left, as the door was shut down with a loud clang. Slaine, dazed and shaking, felt the numbness of desperation grasp his mind. He didn’t oppose any resistance when the guards came in and grabbed him to stab a needle in him so that they could feed him intravenously what would keep him alive one more day.

  2. “Yeah, every single subplot with the other earthlings was left unresolved.”

    What do you mean?! Marito has overcome his alcohol-problem! Now he’s only sometimes drunk (together with his doctor) instead of always!

    And I see the series as a princess’ overly long detour to finally get on a stage and tell everyone to stop fighting and make peace. The whole series had been about making it as difficult as possible for her to just give her little peace-speech. In the end, she needed to survive being a fugitive, being in a coma, being a prisoner and her grandfather had to die – just so that she could do the stuff she had wanted to do when she had visited Earth in the first episode of this series.

  3. I thought Slaine gave up because “there wasn’t any enemy to fight against” anymore but wanted a final fight with Inabot to go out on. More than earthling subplot, nothing on Mars was resolved either. All the feudal system and lower class woes ignored to return to status quo. They just blame a random terran so mars doesn’t even have to think there’s anything wrong with them and reinforce their racism. All in all a very stupid finale that makes the whole show pointless.

    1. Actually I felt like the series sucked at worldbuilding in general. We didn’t get any scenes digging into the issues of the Vers-Empire but the same applies to Earth as well. in the finale there was some line about how the Aldnoah-technology would help the Earth be rebuilt. Rebuilt what exactly? The environment seems fine, the series never covered any collateral damage the war may have caused – so why does the Earth need the Vers-Empire? On both accounts the series set up these problems (with the Vers-Empire it was social problems and with Earth it was the process of healing the damage caused by humanity) but neither of these ended up mattering to the plot of the series.

    2. Was there an enemy to fight against in the first place though? But yeah, whatever, it was all pointless…

        1. That’s a poignant notion. Once a war starts it’s hard to stop it and wars are always ugly. That said, you can use that very idea to show how this series sucked at portraying a war.

          First, war never changes… Well, the war in this series did. First, it was all about the Vers-Empire conquering Earth and then all of a sudden the two have this stand-off in space. How that exactly happened was never explained.

          War doesn’t determine who is right… I think the series went for the literal interpretation of that notion as everyone who wanted war was simply wrong. And all that was needed to end the war was one speech from the real princess (and a marriage-announcement of course).

          And war only determines who is left… Ha! Just look at who died in this series! That reminds me… This series does this stupid thing of having one VERY good friend sacrifice his life – only to never be mentioned again after a couple of episodes. I have to admit, I just remembered that the first few episodes of the first half included a sacrifice that theoretically should’ve mattered since it had been a VERY good friend but oh well… that’s the fate of most good friends who die for the sake of the hero.

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