Darwin’s Game Review — D-

People murder each other with magic cell phones.

I want to like Darwin’s game. On paper it feels like I should. I love anime with crazy people who murder each other. It even has a yandere. I liked Juuni Taisen, I liked Battle Royale, I even liked Btoom and fucking Deadman Wonderland. I didn’t like Darwin’s game at all.

I think part of the appeal of these kinds of shows is the moral horror you and the characters feel about the whole situation. But here we don’t really have that. They pay lip service to it— how they want to end the game, how it’s so cruel and unfair, blah blah blah. They get to this in the first episode when the main character’s friend dies. But after that the tables quickly turn and our heroes become the one’s cruelly murdering people. The show literally ends with them torturing a defenseless man to death. All while they are supposed to be the good guys. The show doesn’t even question this or give the characters room for doubt.

Perhaps the main issue is that the characters are so shallow. The main character is the most generic Japanese everyman you can imagine. He has no personality, he doesn’t seem to want anything for himself, he’s purely reactive. The person he most reminds me of is the main character from Mahouka. (not a compliment) The yandere girl is… just crazy and in love for no apparent reason? She genuinely seems to enjoy murdering people? And the show never seems to take any sort of issue with this. The other characters are: #1) has a kid, #2) some dumbass bipolar shit, and #3) isn’t quite as stupid as everyone else. And that’s pretty much all there is to any of them. I mean, aside from enjoying torture and murder.

  • Storytelling – D – Not good.
  • Voice – D – Copied an interesting setting without understanding it.
  • Characters – F – Awful
  • Attention Grab – C – Mostly did grab my attention, usually not in a good way.
  • Production – C – Bad
  • Overall – D-

RecommendationsJuuni Taisen, Btoom, Mirai Nikki

One thought on “Darwin’s Game Review — D-

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