Eromanga-Sensei — First Impressions

A boy and his sister write lewd books together. Presumably they will also do lewd things together.

Despite the terrible subject matter, this was a pretty strong first episode. It did a good job setting things up, establishing both siblings’ characters, and kept my interest. I can sort of understand them falling in love despite the sibling thing, since they are step-sisters, from what I gather they never lived together while their parents were alive, and they didn’t meet until they were horny teenagers.

So, yeah, I’m surprised, but I actually liked this. Somewhat looking forward to the rest.

3 thoughts on “Eromanga-Sensei — First Impressions

  1. I told everyone it was going to be great, but they didn’t believe me. It’s just Oreimo Redux they said. Well, RahXephon is EVA Redux, and it’s much improved over the original. In this case, I’ve read the manga in which they betaed a re-planning of the LN.

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