Girly Air Force — First Impressions

The planes are girls. A boy rides them.

This was interesting in that it had a lot of the components which I could appreciate but it just came together as a complete disaster. I think a lot of it is the main character is pretty damn annoying. He’s some kid who doesn’t know shit but thinks he’s God’s greatest gift to mankind and won’t stop bitching to anyone who happens to be within earshot.

Actually most of the characters seem to share this trait. There’s absolutely no subtlety, everyone just goes ahead and shouts whatever they’re thinking even if no one is listening.

The art is decent but there isn’t much animation. And the planes / aliens look fucking stupid. The whole kidnap / interrogation scene had me laughing my ass off, and not in a good way. The whole thing just had me rolling my eyes.

It’s basically Strike Witches except harder to take seriously and they forgot to draw the butts.

1 thought on “Girly Air Force — First Impressions

  1. I like this series even before the anime was announced. Just translations of the novels would suffice… now came the anime.

    Just drop this series.. 🙂 There are better anime titles today.. Funny its an anime i like, but I wouldn’t really recommend it to others.. Too wierd and lame for most people.

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