Liz and the Blue Bird Review — A-

Some Hibike Euphonium side characters think about their future.

Wow, that was really good?!! It’s poignant and touching and thoughtful. Has to have the best musical accompaniment of anything I have seen all year. And I loved how it was integrated with the storybook.

The main character barely even spoke, but it managed to convey so much of her emotion (as well as everyone else) through the scene composition and body language.

Wish the rest of Hibike Euphonium were half this good!

  • Storytelling – A – Skillfully done.
  • Voice – A – Developed a great mood with the art and music.
  • Characters – A – Way better than the originals.
  • Attention Grab – A – Kept me glued.
  • Production – A Beautiful. Especially the sound.
  • Overall – A-

RecommendationsHibike Euphonium, 5 cm / s, When Marnie was There

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