Mushoku Tensei — First Impressions

A loser is reincarnated as a perverted magical baby.

I’ll quote from what I said after reading the web novel:

The substance of the novel is even worse. Some loser hikikomori reincarnates in a parallel universe with magic. His mind is 39 years old but his body is a baby. He goes on to molest a bunch of women. Including three year old girls. And it all goes downhill from there. He becomes the most powerful person in the world, marries three women (a childhood friend cross-dresser, a loli sensei elf, and a tsundere), and has multiple other women falling in love with him (including imouto maid and imouto student council president). It’s filled with unabashed pedophilia. It’s much more blatant wish fulfillment than Sword Art Online.

And I loved it. Couldn’t stop reading.

Somehow, despite being trash, it’s much more wholesome and has a decent message compared to garbage like Shield Hero. Can’t wait for the rest.

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  1. The animation for this anime is way too good considering is the most generic isekai ever made. It’s like Riverdale having the highest budget among western tv shows.

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