My Senpai is Annoying Review — B-

Spoiler: He’s annoying because he’s WAY TOO ADORABLE.

I thought this would be like Nadakoro or Uzaki-chan and the senpai would actually be annoying. But no, it is a very pure and wholesome cutesy show!

There’s another couple that is also cute.

It’s not the most exciting show, but I enjoyed it!

  • Storytelling – B – Slow, steady and pleasant.
  • Voice – B – Well-trodden ground, but unique with extra cutesiness. The OP is great lol.
  • Characters – B – Very cute.
  • Attention Grab – C – Dozed off occasionally.
  • Production – B – Looks fine.
  • Overall – B-

Recommendations – Lorum.

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