Shinchou Yuusha Review — C+

A hero is very cautious.

It was decently funny. Nothing remarkable but I found it amusing.

The best part was easily Ristarte’s faces.

Otherwise pretty forgettable.

They did that thing where they try to have a serious heartbreaking ending to a show that isn’t been serious at all up until that point, and it didn’t work at all, like it usually doesn’t.

  • Storytelling – C – Decently funny.
  • Voice – B – Nice Ristarte faces.
  • Characters – C – They were all pretty wooden.
  • Attention Grab – B – I enjoyed it!
  • Production – C – It’s fine, good silly faces.
  • Overall – C+

RecommendationsHataraku Maou-sama, KonoSuba, Kemono Michi

2 thoughts on “Shinchou Yuusha Review — C+

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