Super Cub Review — B

A Super Cub advertisement.

This was really good??? Usually not my genre (very peaceful and relaxing) but it drew me in. It knew how to build the atmosphere, never felt rushed and never felt bored. I especially liked the portrayal of the main character. She has no friends, no nobbies, no parents, just goes to school and then goes home every day. And threw buying the motorcyle she gradually gets drawn out of her routine and becomes “adventurous” compared to her previous life. What’s best is, she’s still fundamentally the same person, still very socially awkward, but she builds some confidence. Honestly, she annoyed me more at the end of the show, when she is trying to show the new girl the ropes and acting like she is drawing from a depth of life experience. But it’s all very in character.

I also loved the interactions with the side characters. In particular, with all the older men who ride cubs as they encourage the girls in their hobby. As well as the parents and teachers. The show really captures that teenage feeling of thinking you’re an adult already.

It did have a few dumb moments— the ascent of Mt. Fuji and the nighttime cub rescue in particular. But have to add some drama I suppose…

  • Storytelling – B – Great at building the atmosphere.
  • Voice – B – I want a super cub now…
  • Characters – A – Superb.
  • Attention Grab – B – Kept my interest.
  • Production – B – Looks good.
  • Overall – B

RecommendationsYuru Camp, Bakuon

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