8 thoughts on “Valkyrie Drive ~Mermaid~ — First Impressions

  1. i have a brand new anime or manga featuring a 37 year old man named Adam Lee he lives in Tokyo japan he is unemployed he is a shut in recluse quiet aloof loner he is shy and silent he spends his days playing video games listening to pop music watching anime and reading manga one day he goes to a store to buy some groceries he spots a abandoned robot in a large box the robot was made by a military technology company but it was defective and had numerous issues with it the robot looks like a tanned skinned very long black haired brown eyed statuesque athletic and muscular girl with super large breasts and a big ass the robot is given the name Evangelina she is naked. the robot has superhuman speed, strength, reflexes, senses and toughness but is also a bit of a dummy she has no human social skills.

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