Yakusoku no Neverland Review — D

You’re made of meat.

Talk about a complete collapse between seasons. The first season wasn’t my favorite anime or anything, but on its own I would have rated it a C+ or B-. It’s this escape horror thing where the children are raised in a farm and will soon be eaten by demons and they are training themselves to escape. It was a perfectly serviceable anime.

Then the second season… just… what the fuck? It was like a slide show of delivering plot points as fast as possible. It was hard to follow, lacked any emotional impact or attachment to the characters, and was a complete disaster. Apparently partway through the series, the credits for the writer even disappeared. So it had no credited writer. It certainly showed…

  • Storytelling – F – Completely disintegrated.
  • Voice – C – World and setting are fine.
  • Characters – B – They were good!
  • Attention Grab – C – Second season… what happened…
  • Production – B – Looks fine.
  • Overall – D

RecommendationsMade in Abyss, Shinsekai Yori, Ghost Hound

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