Accel World Review — F

Another pandering story of wish fulfillment by the author of Sword Art Online.

But this one makes Sword Art Online look good. Seriously, this has got to be some of the most vapid, infantile crap I’ve ever watched. The biggest loser of all time (in the virtual world, this guy is represented by a pig) has a beautiful girlfriend appear out of nowhere and start playing video games with him. He levels up and defeats his bully with the power of the mind and the power of wishes (and the power of his magical girlfriend(s)). The end.

The only good part is, like in Sword Art Online, the unintended (?) sexual innuendo.

  • Storytelling – F – Pandering, dull and uninteresting.
  • Voice – F – These are some hideous character designs.
  • Characters – F – I can’t think of a single one I actually liked.
  • Attention Grab – F – Didn’t really want to finish this.
  • Production – D – Man these people look ugly.
  • Overall – F

Recommendations – Sword Art Online (my version)

5 thoughts on “Accel World Review — F

  1. Accel World was mangled, soulless garbage. While the first half was incessant mediocrity at best, Kawahara just had to take a step further and make the latter half complete and utter shit. It’s almost unbelievable how excruciating that second half really was.

      1. Wow!~ You are so great! I like it very much. Thank you! To be honest, the anime “Accel World” is really interesting to me. Besides, the “Neural Linker” seems to be very magical, right? I like it very much. So, I usually see the ” Accel World” cosplay show about it and I like their cosplay costumes which I hear from the Those costumes are really charming and I like them very much.

  2. I have to take back half of the comment I made on your Chocolate review as this seems to be the fourth F-rated show you watched last season. I’d make a difference between Accel World and the other ones, though. Sure, the story was hilarious but I think it was much better animated than the other F-series, at least during the fight scenes. Also, having an ugly male lead imo is better than the bland average guy you see in almost any other series. His romance with Kuroyukihime was hardly believable, though. Personally, I’d rate this show somewhat higher but only for the fanservice which I appreciated but which certainly is not an objective criterion.

    1. It’s not just the main character, I thought they all were ugly… I just didn’t like the character designs at all, particularly their faces. Even Kurohime’s face I found off-putting. So the fanservice didn’t really work for me.

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