Kono Naka ni Hitori Imouto ga Iru Review — C

Our hero  plays Russian roulette with marriage. Will he end up in his sister’s pants?

I never imagined I would find myself saying this, but Who is Imouto ended up being genuinely entertaining. I could never predict what they would pull out of their ass next.

Now, I wouldn’t say this show was good by any stretch of the imagination, but it certainly wasn’t boring. And really, that’s all I ask for. If a show doesn’t lure me into pressing the fast forward button, I’ll give it a passing grade.

By the way, the best girl is Yuzurina.

  • Storytelling – C – … unpredictable?
  • Voice -B – It’s definitely unique. No one else is crazy enough.
  • Characters – F – The weakest part. Aside from Yuzurina, these girls are really lame. Especially the two that seem to show up the most.
  • Attention Grab – B – Did keep my attention, largely through sheer audacity.
  • Production – F – It looks pretty bad.
  • Overall – C

RecommendationsOnii-chan no Koto…, Love Hina

9 thoughts on “Kono Naka ni Hitori Imouto ga Iru Review — C

    1. Kind of… he’s trying to figure out who his sister is so he doesn’t marry her. I wouldn’t say it’s a good show, but it’s certainly entertaining in a perverse way

  1. For those who haven’t seen the ending, I’mma just go ahead and spoil it, since you can’t spoil trash. After dropping the show one episode in, I did some research on the overall plot and the ending out of morbid curiosity, fueled by people all around speculating who the sister turns out to be, if anyone. Thanks to the help of some detailed episode summaries I found, I didn’t need to suffer through the show to bring you this spoiler.

    Mystery’s over, it’s Miyabi. And apparently the audience knew this less than halfway in and still didn’t believe it. Even better, she wasn’t the one making the creepy phone calls, but she still knew this little fact all along. She tried to sex up Shougo, her own brother, multiple times, on-screen, almost getting to third base with him, knowing full well that they were blood-related but never telling him or anyone else. Worst of all, no one’s even dismayed. No one. Not even Shougo, who spent the whole series until now WORRIED that he may accidentally wind up fucking his sister.

    First off, nothing even happens for most of the concluding episode. Shougo and Ikusu confront Yuzurina, then Yuzurina just disappears. That’s it. Nothing else. Shougo then goes to have a talk with Miyabi, who confesses everything. Does Shougo get mad knowing that he almost got tricked into fucking his own sister? Nope! He’s cool with it and wants to be with her now! And then it ends with all the girls fighting over Shougo, including Miyabi. His own fucking sister. So there you have it, a shit ending full of genuine incest.

    Additional fun fact: I looked it up, the original manga didn’t end like that–none of the main harem girls were his sister, not even Miyabi. So that means some fuck actually decided to add that ending to the anime because he thought pseudo-incest between a guy and a bunch of girls who wish they were his sisters wasn’t good enough, they had to take it all the fucking way. Or possibly because he himself looked at how close Miyabi and Shougo ended up and actually got all horny and thought “Hehehehe, I wish they had turned out to REALLY be blood-related, that’d be sooooo hot~”


  2. I like how two of the best girls weren’t even in the harem. Yuzurina and Ikusu – except Ikusu was too full of fanservice to be really appreciated. I want more Yuzurina.

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