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Dog Days 09 — Battle Princess

This was a battle episode so things picked up, but it still just wasn’t as fun as the first few episodes. The main problems are all these prophecies and the drama with the princess. It is impossible for this show to convince me that the princess has any chance of dying. And if she did die I would probably just break down laughing. I think the show would be vastly improved by either eliminating the princess entirely or at least making her funny. Seriously, why so serious?

I think another issue may be that the way the creators present the story is rather formulaic. The announcers say something (usually something which is painfully obvious), they shift the camera to a new two minute battle, rinse, repeat. They also have the same painfully formulaic setup whenever a character goes somewhere (e.g., Riko above). She says “I’m heading out” as they waste ten seconds with watching her leave. All in all the show just does not flow smoothly. It feels like a bunch of two minute segments glued together.

In other news, the ninja squad got taken out by some random small fry this episode since they ran out of characters from Biscotti. Anyway, have some Eclair fanservice.

Dog Days 08 — Trickery

This was an improvement over the most recent episodes due to the return of some action, but it still isn’t up to the standards of the first few episodes. The creators have committed what is in my opinion the most common blunder of anime comedies— trying to add some serious plot, and forgetting that people are watching the show to have a good laugh.

I think another problem may be that the creators are overreaching with too many characters. So many of them are completely useless, and we don’t know anything about them. Namely, the ninjas on both sides, the maid corps, and the King’s honor guard are mostly useless. We’ve seen too much of these random people and not enough of Shinku, Eclair and Riko. There’s the same problem with the battles: the first couple of episodes had great fights because we were able to watch things develop on a small scale up to ridiculous proportions, with humorous banter between the combatants. The battle in this episode was just a slide show of every single character spamming AoE spells on small fry.

I enjoyed the first few episodes of Dog Days because they were funny. To make the show funny again, I think they should focus on jokes and a few of the characters instead of some prophecies, demons, and friendships between princesses. It’s impossible for anyone to take a show with this sort of premise seriously anyway.

Dog Days 07 — Fetch

I’m starting to lose hope for Dog Days. It seems set to be a classic case of a show having a great start, only to abandon everything which made it great to focus on things no one cares about, like love and friendship. Where are my explosions and pole fights?!!

The best parts of this episode were literally the princess and Shinku playing catch, and Shinku’s and Gaul’s chocobos making out with each other.

Aside from the hot chocobo action, we also get to see Shinku and the princess go on a date. They ride together on the chocobo, hold hands, frolic in a field of flowers, Shinku pats the princess’ head, they promise to see each other again, and they talk about their wedding rings. I don’t care about their budding romance: where are my explosions?!

The rest of the episode is concerned with nerve-wracking, high stakes politics: the next battle will be truly high risk, as each country puts their sacred weapons on the line for a two month loan. Please just get to the battle next time – it is impossible for me to worry that something bad will happen given this show’s premise, so stop trying to make me worry and just focus on making me laugh, which was completely neglected this episode.

Dog Days 06 — A Head Pat

The highlight of this episode was the Princess patting Eclair’s head. That’s not a good sign. This episode was just boring. The first five minutes of head patting and training with Eclair were decent but nothing special. Then Shinku goes on a random camping and fishing trip with the ninjas, Shinku and the princess have a long tea party, and we have a budding romance between Eclair’s brother and the older ninja.

This show needs to focus on what it does well: stupid funny stupid, like the battles. They will not be able to do a decent romance between any of these characters. I don’t think anyone will feel bad for Shinku over his tragic loss at all. And no one believes that Shinku and the princess are going to die. Just work on trying to make people laugh; there’s no need for a “serious” plot. Trying to include one is just a waste of time.

Dog Days 05 — Idiots, Idiots, and More Idiots

I’d been wondering whether Shinku could become an animal ball since he’s from another world, and apparently he can’t. Oh well, it’s not like he’s going to die.

The first half of this episode when everyone fought was a lot of fun. Putting Gaul and Shinku together turned out to be quite entertaining, since they both have the same type of flashiness and idiocy. Seeing everyone beaten up by the King was good as well. How dumb can these people get?

Shinku’s running and speed surfing was fun too, but his magic carpet ride moment with the princess was a bit stretched out. I just can’t imagine any kind of serious romance working with these characters.

The part before the concert with the two children and their dad really made it hit home how vital it was to save the princess. *tear*¬†Watching the princess’s concert was just painful. Did they really have to make us listen to the whole song? Dog Days really needs to stick to the fighting and idiocy and not get wrapped up in romance and singing.