Durarara!!x2 Review — B


A bunch of weirdos hang out in Ikebukukro.

That was fun. I don’t think I enjoyed the first season as much.

As with Bacanno, the highlights are the large, quirky cast of characters and their unpredictable interactions. Bacanno’s my third favorite anime of all time, though, and Durarara doesn’t even come close. It doesn’t have anywhere near the sense of humor Bacanno does. And while the characters are crazy, things just don’t tie together as well. Everything in Bacanno tied tightly into a single story, but it just doesn’t feel that way here. There’s possibly too much going on. Should have just dropped the three main characters, in particular, they were the ones I cared least about. Plus the shipping sucks compared to Bacanno. Although Shizuo x Verona is good. Celty x Doctor is ok.

If if I didn’t have Baccano to compare it to, I’d be gushing with praises for Durarara. So it’s still pretty good. Just a betrayal of my unrealistically high expectations.

  • Storytelling – B – Could have fit together better.
  • Voice – A – Fast-paced and unique.
  • Characters – A – Lots of fun, quirky characters.
  • Attention Grab – B – Didn’t lose my interest. Although those chat room conversations came awful close at times.
  • Production – C – It’s fine.
  • Overall – B

Recommendations – Baccano,  Gatchaman Crowds

6 thoughts on “Durarara!!x2 Review — B

  1. >Durarara!!
    >fast paced
    Are you insane? Most of the show was just characters talking and narrating. Oftentimes reiterating what we already know.

  2. Nah, it’s like a rollercoaster- we spend a few episodes rolling up the tension, then release it in one huge burst of downhill drama!

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